2015 Vacation – Week 2

It has been a relaxing week, literally, starting with a short and quiet retreat at a B&B called La Maison de Campagne, just over an hour outside of town. This “country house” sure has its charm, day or night.

It was bliss not doing anything other than relaxing poolside, swimming/ soaking in the whirl pool and enjoying good food. Oh boy didn’t we have good food!

Continuing the relaxing theme, we went to Golden Lotus, a Korean-styled healing spa. I fell in love with the near infrared Himalaya salt lemongrass-scented sauna (65C/ 149F) and went back in twice.

Also love the hot volcano rock sauna (awesome massage to my back and neck), the cold room (6C/ 43F) to cool down right after the sauna, shockingly hot whirlpool (41C/ 106F), infrared light cave. Yes, the temperature was quite extreme but bearable, and did my body some good.

The snacks and drinks served in the cafeteria were refreshing too. In short, I had a really nice experience, spent almost 3 hours there and felt so relaxed leaving the place. Just wish they had a closer location so we didn’t have to make such a trek out.

Ending the day with a cool treat, also literally. Green tea shaved ice with red bean sauce at Ministry of Food (MoF), a Japanese-styled dessert cafe.

Apology to those in wintery weather. I didn’t mean to brag, but it’s so hot here that cold drinks, ice cream and the likes are a must, especially after shopping for a few hours. I’ll post up a haul if I can get to it, but the point, for now, is we always try to get as much shaved ice as we can.

You can’t really tell the size of it in the pic, but it was big enough for 2 and cost slightly over $4. And they even have the Christmas-themed round bowl that is probably bigger than this. And then there are gelato and nama chocolate (a delicate blend of high quality cacao and fresh cream, poured and set, dusted with cocoa powder and cut into squares) equally divine. We always have a blast there! Worth noting that their ramens aren’t bad either 🙂

Have a great weekend! Kudos if you are all done with Christmas shopping already.

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