22 Things To Do On National Goof Off Day

22 Things to do on National Goof Off Day

Before we were married, before we were dating, and before we had even met in person, my husband used to start every day with an MSN message to me that said, “Do you know what day it is?”. He would then proceed to tell me what weird and wacky “national holiday” it was. Without that schtick, we would very likely not be where we are today. It was on Pi Day (March 14th) that we decided to go out for sushi together (the plan was to go as friends, at this point). Somehow talk about pizza pie and dessert pie turned into a conversation about how I had never tried sushi before. Thus, an honest to goodness plan about taking our friendship from the screen to the real world started to form.

Of course, there was also St. Patrick’s Day.

And then came March 22nd. National Goof-Off Day. A perfect excuse to throw caution to the wind and make this sushi-date thing happen (I never claimed to be a particularly responsible nineteen year old).

It was our first date.

National Goof-Off Day is such a fun and silly holiday. It might just be the perfect excuse to spend a little extra time together with your family outside your normal routines. And even though it is happening on a Tuesday, that doesn’t mean you can’t fully participate in all of the goofy fun. I mean, what better reason to take a family day and set aside responsibilities for a little while than a completely ridiculous national holiday?

Here are some great ideas about what to do if you’re having trouble knowing how to properly goof off:

22 ways to celebrate National Goof Off Day

  1. Take the day off everything; Work, school, whatever. There are 365 other days this year to be responsible.
  2. Go somewhere unexpected. Try a local attraction that you haven’t been to in a while. Maybe a museum or a science centre or an indoor playpark. The nice thing is that since it is the middle of the week, it could very possibly be less busy than on weekends or holidays.
  3. Try a new food, or introduce your kids to a new food. How about sushi? Or something maybe a little more adventurous if you eat sushi all the time.
  4. Three words: Breakfast for dinner.
  5. Get down on the floor and play with your kids. Try something creative like building LEGO or just get down and dirty and start some wrestle wars. Kids love that.
  6. Introduce your kids to a new show. Check out LEGO Bionicle: The Journey to One or LEGO Friends: The Power of Friendship on Netflix, new this month!
  7. Do an art project. With paint. Or glitter. OR BOTH.
  8. What would you love to do if you had nothing on your to-do list? Do that.
  9. Go bowling.
  10. Regardless of whether you take the day off or not, have at least one dance party. Bonus points for doing it in public. In fact, 1 point for an in-home dance party, 3 points for a work dance party, and 5 points for a sidewalk dance party. Add 5 points if you live stream it. (Comment below with your point tally).
  11. Do your nails. Make sure they are bright and colourful and funky. (Shameless promotions: That picture below is my hand. They’re Jamberry. I sell them if you want some).
  12. Play outside. Whether you’re with kids or not.
  13. Play a board game. Or maybe a few. Let your kids pick their favourite.
  14. Wear socks that don’t match.
  15. Stay up late with a movie night. Pop popcorn.
  16. Binge-watch a season of whatever show you’ve been putting off watching on Netflix.
  17. Go to a local makeup counter and get a makeover.
  18. Take a nap.
  19. Have a coffee date. Take your kids, your spouse, or just go by yourself.
  20. Dye your hair. Bonus points for a non-natural hair colour. Extra bonus points if it is permanent dye.
  21. Pick up a new chapter book that the whole family can enjoy. Read chapter 1 together. (Our current read: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis)
  22. Get a babysitter and take your spouse on a date. Don’t have a spouse? Goof Off Day makes for a great first date. We’ve got 11 years to prove it.

Enjoy your day, and no matter what you do, try to make Goof Off Day a little out of the ordinary. It’s good to shake things up once in a while.

A couple of these ideas in this list have been inspired by Netflix. I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and as such I have been compensated for this post with a complimentary Netflix subscription and a few other perks. I’m honoured to have been a StreamTeam member for the last three years. The stories and opinions are all my own.

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