24 DUI arrests, 500 motor vehicle act charges in June

The Halifax District RCMP laid over 500 Motor Vehicle Act charges and arrested 24 drivers for impaired driving during the month of June 2021.

Halifax District arrested 19 drivers for Impaired Operation of a Conveyance by Alcohol, five drivers for Refusal of a Demand and another 11 drivers were issued driving suspensions for Operating a Conveyance While Having Consumed Alcohol. Also, the following summary offences tickets were issued:

  • 170 for speeding
  • 11 for stunting
  • 142 for other aggressive driving
  • 34 for distracted driving
  • 55 for unlicensed/suspended or revoked driving
  • 149 for other Motor Vehicle Act offences

If you see dangerous driving, report it to police when it is safe to do so. It is helpful to include the location of the vehicle, a description of the driver and vehicle (including license plate number, colour, make and model) as well as the vehicle’s direction of travel.

Source: Release #notw

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