3 intriguing mysteries series you may have missed…

The Belgian Congo mysteries
by Tamar Myers

Tamar Myers was born in the Belgium Congo in 1948 to missionary parents. Her Belgian Congos mystery series is lauded for it’s authenticity of setting, engaging storytelling and suspense.

Now four titles deep, the series started out in 1991 with The Witch Doctor’s Wife.

The Witch Doctor’s Wife (M)
by Tamar Myers

Tasked with heading a missionary guest house in the Belgian Congo in 1958, Amanda Brown must set things right when a plane passenger goes missing, a giant diamond that should not exist turns up, and she finds out a witch doctor and his wife are working as her yardman and housekeeper, respectively.

Jonah Geller Mysteries 
by Howard Shrier

Jonah Geller, a Toronto based private investigator, first appeared in 2008’s Buffalo Jump (M). Canadian author Howard Shrier has already won two Ellis Awards for this series.

Toronto investigator Jonah Geller comes home to find notorious contract killer Dante Ryan in his apartment – not to kill him for butting into mob business, but to plead for Jonah’s help. Ryan has been ordered to wipe out an entire Toronto family, but he can’t bring himself to do it, and he wants Jonah to find out who ordered the hit. When the case takes them across the border to Buffalo, where good clean Canadian pills are worth their weight in gold, their unseen enemies move in for the kill.

The Dharma Detective series

by Gay Hendricks and Tinker Lindsay

The First Rule of Ten: a Tenzing Norbu Mystery (M)
by Gay Hendricks and Tinker Lindsay

Tenzing Norbu (“Ten” for short)—ex-monk and soon-to-be ex-cop—is a protagonist unique to our times. In The First Rule of Ten, the first installment in a three-book detective series, we meet this spiritual warrior who is singularly equipped, if not occasionally ill-equipped, as he takes on his first case as a private investigator in Los Angeles. Growing up in a Tibetan Monastery, Ten dreamed of becoming a modern-day Sherlock Holmes. So when he was sent to Los Angeles to teach meditation, he joined the LAPD instead. But as the Buddha says, change is inevitable; and ten years later, everything is about to change—big-time—for Ten.

One resignation from the police force, two bullet-wounds, three suspicious deaths, and a beautiful woman later, he quickly learns that whenever he breaks his first rule, mayhem follows. Set in the modern-day streets and canyons of Los Angeles, The First Rule of Ten is at turns humorous, insightful, and riveting—a gripping mystery as well as a reflective, character-driven story with intriguing life-lessons for us all.

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