They say that 30 is the new 20… I sure as hell hope it’s not!

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my 20s!  I loved them to the point where I put on 105lbs between the ages of 21 and 22 because I was too busy being a kid and partying, drinking beer, smoking and eating pizza every day to worry about my health.

But those days are behind me as today I leave my 20s and enter my 30s, and surprisingly enough, I have to say I couldn’t be happier!  I run a successful design company.  I have this amazing health and fitness website and blog.  I’m working towards becoming a certified personal trainer.  I’m healthy, I have a great family who I love dearly and I have an amazing woman by my side that supports me in everything I do.  Why the hell would I want to be 20 again?

I don’t really have a lot more to say about turning 30.  Last year turning 29 bothered me more than the thought of turning 30 does today.  I’m not having any sort of mid-life crisis that I know of and things are looking good from this side of the number 20.  The only thing I can say is that I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to write my PTS exam before my 30th birthday like I wanted to, but it’s not the end of the world and the exam date was out of my control, so why stress about it?  I’ll write the exam in a few weeks and go from there.

Hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll have a beer for you tonight… Wait… Have a beer for me… Nah, I’ll have several beers for both of us!

Source: http://www.yourinnerskinny.ca/30-shmirty/

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