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4 Non-fiction titles to watch for in September

4 Non-fiction titles to watch for in September

Looking for some new nonfiction titles in September: here’s a few that will be hot off the press.
4 Non-fiction titles to watch for in September I sort of feel like every time I turn around I’m talking about David Foster Wallace on this blog, and here I go again, I guess, because a new biography Every Love Story is a Ghost Story: a life of David Foster Wallace (M) by D.T. Max (September 4)will be released this month. This book is one of two DFW related titles being released this fall, five years after his death at age 46 (the other is Both Flesh and Not (M) a collection of the authors essays due in November).
4 Non-fiction titles to watch for in September Joni: the creative odyssey of Joni Mitchell (M) by Katherine Monk (September 7th) In a fall that is packed with book releases looking at the lives of musicians, this one really caught my eye. Mitchell is an interesting and inspiring Canadian artist I’d like to know more about. The focus on her creative process that the title seems to promise could appeal to artists and musicians as well as fans.
Music biography fans should also checkout the previous post Upcoming Music Memoirs: Autumn 2012.

4 Non-fiction titles to watch for in September Joseph Anton: a memoir (M) by Salman Rushdie (September 18th). The story of how Salman Rushdie became the focus of a fatwa issued by the Ayatollah Khomeini over the content of his novel The Satanic Verses (M) has been much discussed, but very little has been said by the author himself, until now. Taking its title from the pseudonym that Rushdie chose for himself for his interactions with authorities, it offers the authors reflections on years spent living under protection and his eventual return to the public eye.
4 Non-fiction titles to watch for in September My Mother Was Nuts (M) by Penny Marshall (September 18th). The publisher description for this book says “Most people know Penny Marshall as the director of Big and A League of Their Own…” Really? Not as Laverne Marie De Fazio one half of the iconic TV duo Laverne and Shirley.Well, I guess we can just count that as another reason why people will want to read this bio of of a woman who has been a part of film and TV for decades.

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