45-year-old “Crusin The Dub” weekly car meetup in Dartmouth forced to an end

A 45-year-tradition has come to an end. A recent post making the rounds on local car enthusiast social media feeds serves as an open letter to the community, and calls out a few bad actors that caused the 45-year storied car meeting’s demise. The event took place in the parking lot of the (now closed) A&W restaurant on Pleasant Street in Dartmouth. The local car community not only used the event to show off their classic and vintage vehicles, but also served as a social gathering for car fans in all of HRM and beyond. It’s unclear if the meetup will be relocated.

A poster from the event from years ago. A&W sponsored similar events across Canada.

From the post:

“(The car shows are being cancelled after many years and the last one was this week, because of too many recent complaints. Most people knew Thursdays were that day, however of course theres always a karen to complain and a kyle who has no respect for what was ours)”

“To the groups who couldn’t respect the lot, to the entitled azzhats who thought they were above the law and rules of the lot I truly hope you are happy. I hope you realized what you just did. You completely ruined a 45 year tradition that was well known, and loved by many.

You have disgraced the entire car community, you have disgraced the late Scott Jordan who started Cruisin the Dub (Thursdays were a big day for us)
All you had to do was respect the lot and follow the rules just like we did, and all would have been well but no, you felt blasting your music, roastin your tires and disrespecting everything that was built was great and acceptable.
Well it wasn’t, transit has put out many warnings and I can guarantee that they didn’t want to do this but you forced their hand, and now because of YOUR actions, a tradition is dead. Transit will not condone that behaviour, which has proven to cause injuries as we recently found out..

Just remember one thing, you did this. And we will NOT forget this. Respect is out the window now and you have no one to blame but yourselves.

I’m sure I can speak on behalf of most of the antique, classic and muscle car owners who also enjoy attending Woodside when I say that this hurts the car community.

As I stated, I hope you’re happy. You want respect? Well this isn’t how you earn it, it’s how you loose it and you’ve lost it completely and the chances of it ever being gained again is slim to none.

A Pissed off Car Community.”

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