46 pairs, an inventory

L-A: Eden said something about taking pictures of her shoes and we said “yes! please! and blog about it!”  because we knew she had a pair or two. In fact, I think it was Eden who suggested that I refer to my shoes as a “collection” to keep the Husband off my back about how many pairs I have. One thing I was always impressed by was her commitment to heels (I am kind of shocked to see flats and sneakers in the collection. I don’t think she even owned sneakers when she lived downstairs from me) and the fact that she had an entire bookshelf just for her shoes.

Eden: Ok so the LBS post made me want to do a photographic inventory of my shoes and the ladies wanted me to blog about it, so HERE WE GO. The main result is that I realized a) I need to clean and polish a lot of my shoes and b) I don’t really like all of them. But that’s cool!

There are a lot of them. You may want to sit down. Why are you reading the internet standing up anyway?

Aldo Pegabo Le Chateau Steve Madden Le Chateau Unknown Little Diana Ballet Shoes Stuart Weitzman for Brown's Le Chateau Classified In and Out Kenneth Cole Unlisted Highlights Sweet Seventeen In and Out In and Out American Eagle Wild Diva Le Chateau Urban Behaviour ellemenno Madeline Transit CA Collection Spring Old Navy Kate Spade Hush Puppies Hush Puppies Hush Puppies Converse Puma Bongo Sentiments Blundstone Aldo Aldo Unknown Unknown Italian Ellius Unknown In and Out Le Chateau Unknown Feet First Unknown

My favourites: the Weitzman peeptoes, the Kate Spade loafers, the Wild Diva croc pumps. I’ll be wearing the peeptoes tonight with a red halter dress and seamed stockings.

I don’t even know why I own those teal tennis shoes, or those godawful brown wedges.

Tell me what you think! My feelings will not be hurt, I am tough.

L-A (again): My shoe collection is in such disarray that I can’t count it without going to a couple of different rooms and two different floors. My shoes hate me. I did count though – I’ve got approximately 35 pairs – but really need to cull the collection and pick up some new ones.

As for Eden’s collection, I am with her on the Weitzman’s and the Kate Spades.  I’m not sure why she owns the work boots. Unless she is thinking of tree planting (which I’m pretty sure she’s not), it may be time to lose those. The Blundstones are a good practical boot, but when I think of Eden and shoes, I don’t think of practical. I like the brown wedges and I hate the brown converse sneakers.

So, time for you to vote: which of Eden’s shoes do you love/hate? Also, do have more pairs of shoes than we do? It’s okay if you do. We’ll probably be impressed if you do.

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