5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Under $25

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and many of us are wondering what to get for dear mom. Sometimes I think shopping for my mother has been one of the hardest things I have done after all you love her very much and she is that person who has done so much for you.

But I learned a long time ago there is not price tag attached to Mother’s Day and there is no amount of money that can be tied to a child’s love for their mom.

If you are out shopping for your mother I wanted to give you some frugal suggestions from brands that I love and adore. All of these can be found for $25 or less.

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First some of you know I am Community Manager for BlowMeCool and well I love my mini-fan. If you have a mom who is  menopausal and is getting hot flashes well this discreet little gift is one they might love. We have even come up with many uses for the fans besides the hot flash.How about cooling off something hot?  For my readers I can even get you a discount. If you are ordering a fan use the code CCM30 to get 10% off so the fan then costs $17.95


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Many moms are tea lovers like me as well, and well David’s Tea have a number of suggestions. I especially loved the retro cup for $9.50 and with a nice bag of tea you are still under the $25 figure. You can check out there selection of teas here.

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Another thing I love is chocolate. What mom doesn’t love chocolate? I have loved Purdy’s chocolate for years now and well I went window shopping on their site and found a great deal in The Peacock Tin. You get a selections of dark and milk for  $19.95


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Can’t afford to give your mom a day at the spa but want her to indulge in the tub? Well we love Lush in our house. My daughter and I are both Lush addicted so it has always been on our lists of wants, and this year my daughter knows how much I love butterflies and well now Lush has a perfect one for the bath, the Madame Butterfly. It is rose petal and lemon scented two of my favorites for the spring and it lasts more then one bath. It lasts 6. By the way I noticed that Lush has a Pinterest contest going on right now.

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Finally if you have a mom like mine who has everything, and well is an avid reader like mine well I would have to head to Chapters Indigo for a gift card, that way Mom can spend hours in one of her favorite places-the book store.

These are just some of the things we are loving this Mother’s Day on a budget of $25 or less. What would your picks be?

*This is not a sponsored post, just some ideas for Mother’s Day.

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