5 Recruitment Assessment Tips that Every Company Should Follow

During the peak time of Covid-19, most of the companies did downsizing to cut the salary cost as the economy was affected badly. However, now when things are improving slowly, businesses are back, and obviously, more staff is required to manage various business operations.

Entrepreneurs should keep in mind that flawless recruitment is mandatory for hiring competent staff only. Certain assessment tools and tips can help you speed up the hiring process so let’s explore those suggestions:

Rely on PI Cognitive Assessment

Predictive index cognitive assessment is further divided into three steps that include numerical, verbal, and non-verbal reasoning. The overall score to pass this test is 270 and when you rely on this test for assessment, make sure to design the criteria specific to the job role.

Some recruiters feel numerical reasoning should not be tested if the job role doesn’t require any sort of mathematical work but it is crucial for testing the IQ of that candidate. Most of the leading companies follow PI cognitive assessment and this is a reason that they recruit the best staff.


Communication Testing is Crucial

In every job role, communication is mandatory and you should test these skills on a prior basis. The candidate should not be confident enough to convey his motive effectively. Presenting a project on multimedia also requires excellent verbal skills that a person is capable enough to deliver his perspective to clients. You can ask some tricky questions to know how well the candidate responds to that.


Test the Work Ethics of Candidate

Normally, every interview questionnaire contains some bullet points and the reason for leaving the previous job is also one of them. However, you need to be super attentive while asking this question because if the candidate complains about the environment or colleagues at a previous job, he might not be competent enough to follow the work ethic. Recruiters can even add more similar questions to test ethics.

Check Work Samples

In this era when everything is fast, you can ask the candidate to show his work samples online. For instance, if you need to hire a front-end software developer, ask him to show you any of his mobile apps or websites. 

This will give you a clear idea regarding his capabilities as you can do cross-questioning too. Similarly, you can ask content writers to show their published work. This will make the recruitment process easier and you’ll confidently hire the best candidate.

Do Personality Assessment

You should be aware of some tactics to assess the personality of candidates. Leg pulling is the worst thing in any office and it can ruin the office environment. So, it is mandatory to avoid such things by choosing those persons who do not get involved in leg-pulling or other destructive activities. Apart from it, dressing and attitude towards other human beings are also crucial factors to ponder.

In short, these are a few tips recruiters should follow while hiring new staff for the company.

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