5 Things Canadians Need To Escape Into The Wild For A Weekend

Canadians have access to some of the greatest forests in the world, which are filled with treasures that will take your breath away. It’s the perfect place to escape for a weekend when you’re feeling stressed out.

If you’ve spent your life in a big city, it might be worth taking a walk into the great outdoors once spring arrives. You’ll need to ensure you’re always safe, so let’s look at a few things you’ll need for your journey.

1. The Perfect Location

If you’re not used to camping in the wilderness, the perfect location will be somewhere close to civilization. It’s unlikely you’ll need help before the weekend is up, but it’s best to stay on the safe side.

Hopefully, you choose somewhere with great views because you’ll spend a lot of time reflecting on your life. It’s good when you have something gorgeous to look at. Make sure you won’t be disturbed by other campers.

2. Good Camping Equipment

You will need a tent or hammock depending on what you want to sleep in. Make sure you’ve got a sleeping bag, inflatable pad, and bag liner to stay warm. It’s also wise to take a tarp, so you’re not stuck in a tent non-stop.

I doubt you’ll need lots of cooking equipment for a weekend, but make sure you’ve got the essentials. You don’t want to make life harder for yourself when you’re trying to unwind. Wait until you get home to wash everything.

3. Clothes To Stay Warm

Your body will be able to handle a few days without food and water in emergencies, but you won’t be able to survive without the right clothes. Shoes for men and women should still be good enough to keep your feet warm in summer. Beside that, you can find many styles of shoes to fit your personality and needs. For sample perfect pair of Blundstone shoes makes you feel great!

When you go camping during good weather, you’ll only need a few layers of clothes. Keep a rain jacket in your backpack in case you need it. If you want to protect yourself from unpredictable weather, take a hat and gloves.

4. Tools To Protect Yourself

Follow best practices to protect yourself from bears, but it’s still wise to take bear spray just in case. Even though Canada is home to lots of bears, you’re probably not going to run into one on a weekend trip.

It’s bugs that you’ll need to worry about the most because they’re so annoying. Not only will they frustrate you non-stop, but bite marks can leave your skin worse for wear. Bug spray will help keep you safe until you get home.

5. Delicious Food To Eat

If you haven’t spent lots of time meditating about your life in the middle of nowhere, you might get a little bored too easily. It’s why it’s a good idea to bring better food than you’d normally take on a camping adventure.

When you start fidgeting you can relax by cooking something nice. In an ideal world, you wouldn’t eat anything at all for a few days. Fasting is actually good for you, and it’s ideal when you’re in desperate need of a clear head.

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