5 Ways to Have a Simple Move

We are on the move again. We found a beautiful new home on the other side of the city. We have signed the paperwork and are almost ready to go. This weekend we will be in the new house.

When planning the move I wanted to keep it as simple and frugal as I could. Here is how one can keep any move simple and frugal.

1. Pre-purge. Get rid of the junk before moving day. This past month my daughter and I got rid of old clothes and items we would not need in the new house. Do not take it with you if you dont need it.

2. Organize. I pack room by room and make sure I have a marker at the ready. Markers are your best friend when it comes to moving. Label your boxes. Really it will help you settle into the new house much easier.

3. Little by little. By scheduling a little packing time each day I will be ready for the move with ease. I have packed for 30 minutes a day for the last week. I have only the kitchen and bathroom left to finish.

4. Moving truck vs Uhaul. Deciding whether we were going to do it ourselves vs a moving truck was our biggest desicion. We decided on the Uhaul. We have the truck booked for 12 hours and that should be more then enough time to finish our move.

5. Get Help. For us I have asked a few friends if they can help us out on moving day. Their reward will be some pizza, and soda on me. A frugal way to move is to ask for a little bit of help.

By following these peices of advice I feel I am ready for the move. My next project will be setting up my new home and I can not wait!

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Source: http://commoncentsmom.com/2011/07/19/5ways-to-have-a-simple-move/

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