50 miles of possibilities

Imagine a magical place where no there are miles of little mysteries, fun surprises, curiosities and endless possibilities. I’ve heard talk about just such a utopia. But until today, I had never been.

No…this is not some crazy myth or urban legend. It’s the annual 50 mile Musquodoboit Valley yard sale. That’s right. FIFTY miles.

This weekend’s yard sale actually marked the 20 anniversary of this crazy event.

Each year the Musquodoboit Valley Tourism Association (www.mvta.net) organizes the 50 Mile Route of Yard Sales throughout the Musquodoboit Valley. There are three official starting points — Dean, Meaghers Grant and Dutch Settlement. You can download a map and description of each official location from the website. Each registered yard sale location is marked with official yard sale balloons, but it would hard to miss them anyway… This year there were 21 official locations…many featuring a number of tables and booths. And I can’t even begin to guess how many others there were along the route as well.
My advice? Plan to wander around to them all, or decide on a condensed “yard sale strategy”, but whatever you choose, plan to spend lots of time driving/ walking /looking around. Have some cash on hand and be prepared to do some of your very best haggling!
I’m not a yard sale junkie by any means (we all know they do exist!), but I do enjoy the idea of potentially finding that one hidden gem that screams out to me. You literally never know what you may find that delights you! (And it makes for interesting/crazy people watching.)
I find it helpful to have a focus…perhaps keeping an eye out for an addition to your favorite collection. Or you may be looking for a piece of furniture to test your “make-over” skills. Or maybe you are just on the lookout that special something that’s quirky and fun to add a touch of whimsy to your existing décor.

A note of caution: without a focus, you may get overwhelmed. You may end up aimlessly wandering around. You may end up giving up on the day and going home. Do remember that this is a yard sale…and that means you should expect some…well, let me just say it…some junk.
But if you can handle this environment, are willing to dedicate a good part of your day to it, and are ready to embrace the spirit of a gargantuan yard sale, you will really enjoy this treasure hunt.
I gave myself a budget before I left the house and stuck to it. I also decided that I was only interested in milk glass to add to my collection, a lamp for the spare bedroom and maybe some fun and/or old costume jewelry.

I drove the entire 50 mile route but I must admit that I did not stop at all of the sales…it was just too much! I stuck to the ones that had multiple tables/vendors. I had an enjoyable day wandering around and timed my stops around the weather…best to be in the car when the rain was falling!

Pictured here are but a few of the interesting things I saw throughout the day (a silver set, vintage tins, rusty saws and a very old chandelier)

I scored some great stuff, too…an oversized white ceramic lamp (needs a new shade), two lovely small milk glass vases, a couple of cool wooden bracelets, a costume cocktail ring and a white handmade quilt/blanket that’s more than 50 years old. The best buy of the day though, may have been the vintage gold metallic clutch with silk lining for $2.
And I only spent $20.25! (Oh…that includes a bbq’d sausage and a diet coke for lunch!)

It’s a great place to get your yard sale fix for the year….and based on my experience today, I think I’ll be back next year.

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