6 Best Money Making Apps 2021

With smartphones in every hand, people spend a substantial amount of time on them. In fact, according to studies, on average, an individual spends 3 to 4 hours on the phone in a day. Some individuals prefer to find free slots to play for fun, others are scrolling through social media. However, smartphones are not just for your entertainment; they can be a great source of earning. Today we have access to plenty of mobile apps that allow you to make money. And in this article, we are highlighting some of the best money-making apps in 2021.


If you are a shopaholic, then Rakuten is the best money-making app for you. It pays you to shop more, making your shopping experience more satisfying. You get to use in-store coupons, earn cashback on purchases with selected retailers, and scan items while comparing prices. It has collaborated with more than 2500 retailers, and when you shop from them, you get to earn cashback.

Typically, the cashback remains between 1% and 2%, but if it is your lucky day, you can earn up to 10% or even 40%.  Additionally, you can also access in-store coupons along with other exciting perks. Moreover, you get a $20 bonus if you refer new users and they spend a minimum of $20.  And you choose a browser extension, you get to leverage additional features and perks. This app was previously known as Ebates and today has emerged as one of the top money-making apps in the world.


If you are a freelancer looking for work, then UpWork is for you. It is an authentic and streamlined communication platform that brings freelancers and clients closer. Considering the popularity of the freelance market, UpWork has become extremely popular in the last couple of years.

And it is extremely simple to create a profile and look for work here. Moreover, there are hundreds of skill categories such as coding, digital marketing, translation, admin work, etc. Anything that you can do on your computer you will find on UpWork. The platform allows you to either find ongoing work with certain clients or one-off opportunities.

Moreover, increased Job Success and reviews make it easier for you to attract more clients for future work. And well-qualified freelancers can also get an invitation for exclusive opportunities. The funds of the project are held in escrow under the Payment Protection program of UpWork. This ensures that both client and freelancer are safe from exploitation. Once you have completed the work, the platform will release the fund to account ten days post the weekly billing cycle.


If you are into playing free slots with bonus or other online games, watching videos, taking surveys, etc., then you can benefit from Swagbucks. Although it does not pay much, it is a fun way to earn a few extra bucks through purchases and other activities. It has collaborated with various marketing companies to pay the users.

You can acquire Swagbucks by purchasing products, taking surveys, watching videos, using search engines and playing games. And it is a very simple platform, which does not collect your payment info. Moreover, there is a daily checklist that helps users to monitor their earnings.

Generally, the tasks in the mobile app are easy, but they all have the same number, Swagbucks. Surveys can take anywhere between 5 and 60 minutes; awards can range between 40 and 200 Swagbucks. 100 SwagBucks is equal to $1, so it will be a while before you can earn enough points to cash out. Moreover, you can link your credit card and earn cash back on in-store purchases. It also offers $10 to new users as a joining bonus.


It is similar to Craigslist but with a modern twist as it allows anyone to sell either new or used products. The mobile app has also acquired its competitor Letgo and made selling online easier. It has a very straightforward interface, which allows sellers to easily register their products and sell them nationwide.

If you are trying to sell your old goods, the OfferUp is a great platform to earn promptly with little hassle. Users can list their products by uploading pictures, writing a small description and setting the relevant price. You can also choose a firm price that is open to the first potential buyer, or you can make the price negotiable. The platform allows the users to directly communicate with the sellers, express their interests and ask questions.

In local transactions, buyers have the option to collect the goods in cash. And in other transactions, sellers can ship the products and get money through an online medium. Additionally, sellers can promote their products so that buyers have an easier time finding the products. Users can verify the sellers through the contact information or social media account.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie has surveys based on a demographic question that takes around15 minutes. In turn, you get instant payment through PayPal or gift cards. The mobile app has partnered with market research companies and brands. After taking the survey, you earn points that can be redeemed for payments or gifts instantly.

The process of signing up for this platform is quite simple. You can create a profile by answering some simple questions so that the app can provide you with relevant surveys. With every survey, you earn points. And 100 points is proportionate to $1. For cashing out the points, you will need to collect at least 500 points.

And these surveys do not take more than 15 minutes to complete and are optional. On the dashboard, you will find the available survey. You will find repetitive questions on some surveys, but that is just to verify your identity. And Survey Junkie can disqualify users if they fail to adhere to specific criteria.


Ibotta is another money-making app that allows you to win cashback on online or in-store purchases. The app has collaborated with 1500 plus brands and retail chains. It was originally developed for groceries but slowly expanded itself to other categories like entertainment, clothing, pet supplies, etc. While some offers are automatically applied across categories, others are specific to products and brands. For some points, you will have to complete simple tasks of taking a poll or watching a video. Ibotta allows users to earn in-store cashback in three ways including:

  • Adding offers and submit the receipt in the app;
  • Linking the retailer loyalty account;
  • Buying retailer gift card through the app.

The Bottom Line

Smartphones have changed our lives and mostly for the better. It has allowed us to stay connected and engaged all the time. Additionally, it has also helped us to earn in different ways. These money-making apps have made it easier for us to earn money in different ways. 

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