6 Different Types of Bail Bonds

People will enjoy freedom through bail during their wait till the final judgment of the court. According to the types of regulations, amount, and purpose, there are various types of bail bonds. When you or your close ones have been arrested, you may choose any of the options for maintaining a smooth process. This article will help you to understand six different types of bail bonds.

  1. Property Bond- Just as the name suggests, property bonds come in the form of collateral. If you are not having any liquid money for offering, this option will be the best. The court may ask for the collateral property. If you successfully adhere to the dates set by the courts, the court will surely give it back to you. Some courts also prefer using the lands and buildings as property bonds while other courts may accept different other types of property.
  2. Cash Bail- It is a very popular bond and is among the common types of bonds for bail. This bond is paid in full cash. If the court allows paying by cash, you should pay by cash as early as possible. You can use a credit card, check, or cash. If you possess liquid money, cash bail can quickly make you free from jail. For the payment, you should follow the dates of the court as per the agreement. If the case is completed, the court will return the money to you.
  3. Immigration Bail Bond- Similar to regular cash bail, the immigration bond functions. The only difference between cash bail and an immigration bond is that the immigration bond is only for non-citizens. Due to different laws and regulations of different countries, the immigration bond may sometimes be difficult to get. When you are working with the right team and following all the court orders, you will successfully obtain an immigration bond.
  4. Surety Bond- Surety bonds are paid by bond agencies in the hope that you will obtain the money for repaying the commission very soon. For example, if the court demands $100 from you, you may sign legally with the surety agency that will pay on your behalf and as per agreement you may return them afterwards.  The main aspect of the surety bond is trust. If you miss any of the appointed dates of the court, the court may process your arrest.
  5. Citation Bond- When the officer does not take the suspect to court and instead writes a citation to the court for scheduling a date when you will appear in court.
  6. Personal Recognizance bond- This is a very rare bond where the judge releases the suspect without any money. But the suspect needs to appear before the court on the appointed dates.


By now, you must have known about the common bonds for bail. Cash bail helps you to get bail immediately if you have liquid money with you.  Surety bonds act with agencies that will pay on your behalf and you need to pay afterward to the agencies. Different bonds function differently and you need to adhere to the court orders.

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