6 Ways to Stay Entertained When Recovering from An Illness

Recovering from an illness can be incredibly boring.  Once you feel well enough not to want to sleep all day and night, the time just drags by.  You may not be well enough to go out and do all the things you usually do, but once you have watched all the boxsets you love, things can get very dull.  Here are 6 ways to stay entertained when recovering from an illness.

Listen To Music

How long has it been since you had the time or the patience to let the music wash over you and really listen to it?  In everyday life, people are often too busy to appreciate music, well now is your chance to really hear the tune and the lyrics.  You could try listening to a genre you have never heard of before and broaden your horizons, or even discover a passion you never knew you had.


Playing cards is an ancient pastime that has never gone out of fashion.  Learn to play cards so that you can impress your friends when you have recovered.  You don’t need to play with anyone else as there is a huge variety of games you can play alone.  Either play with a traditional deck of cards or play online if you find this easier. You could even learn some card tricks and become an expert at them.

Play Online Games

Just because you are bedridden does not mean you can’t visit a casino or have a go at MMORPG games. Play the slot machines or Online Casino Canada games and dream about winning your fortune. Start playing Elder Scrolls Online or World of Warcraft.


Expand your mind with a puzzle book or online puzzle.  You can do anything from a crossword puzzle to a word search or practice your number skills with some Sudoku.  This will keep your mind active and help you to pass the time while you are recovering from your illness.

Learn A New Skill

While you have some time on your hands you could learn a new skill.  Is there something you would always promise yourself you would learn if you had the chance? Well now is the time to turn dreams into actions and the sky is the limit when it comes to learning new skills from your sickbed.  You can learn anything from a new language to watercolour painting to cross-stitch from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.  What are you waiting for?

Read A Book

Reading a good book can help you to delve into a fantasy world without illness and pain.  Lose yourself in a book and you will be amazed where all the time goes.  Whatever subject or genre you are interested in, there will be books on the subject that you will enjoy reading.

It is never much fun being ill.  However, if you try these six ways to stay entertained while recovering from an illness, the process does not need to be as tedious as you might have feared.  There are ways to enjoy yourself without the need for exertion.

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