7 Episodes Released 10 in the Can – It’s Been a Wild Ride For Sure

Since I was asked to be the host of Smart City I’ve experienced many things and learned even more. Ok let’s back up for a second to talk about how an internet comedian went on to host a business show.

For the last two years I’ve been steadily polluting the internet with my off beat brand of humour on my regular comedy show on Haligonia.

But after the original meetings and conversations on the feel of the show:

  • three minutes, in and out
  • make it cool and hip 
  • and, more importantly, make it MAKE sense!

So the ride began…

A business show hosted by a person who knows NOTHING about business, talking to the real movers and shakers of Halifax.  People with so many letters after their names being interviewed by a man (who on a good day) is lucky that he can spell his OWN name. Who would have known that this would become a match made in heaven?

So talking about things I’ve learned and experienced: I’ve toured the farmers market; been mistaken by the crowd as a host on the Food Network; had my brain scanned; took a private boat ride around the Harbour; been dumped in a tank and saw fish from South Africa. And now, I’m writing a blog.

Craigwater Craigairport Craigbrain  

So how do you host a show on business when you know nothing about business? It’s actually very easy. We have an amazing producer/director/editor, a fantastic producer, killer research team, and fantastic guests. So the only real job I have is to show up, look pretty and learn about all the interesting things happening in our city.

Not knowing big business, I am like the average guy and I had a perception of what successful people are like. Let me tell you I could not have been more wrong! These executives are fantastic. They have a wicked sense of humour and love to look at the lighter side of being responsible for standing on the front lines of the economic powerhouse that Halifax really is. And don’t kid yourself, It IS! The research, services, goods and money being made here in Halifax and driving our local economy is staggering.

I look forward to the rest of the season, which honestly I can’t say will end, because it seems like for every show we do, two more are added because everyone seems to want to get into the action, because “Halifax, truly is…. A Smart City”.

Click here to watch all episodes of the SmartCity Business Show.

Craigblog As an artist, Craig Layton continues to grow and explore the use of film and video as a means to generate social commentary with his thought provoking subject matter and unique visual style. To date, he has made ten films holding eight producer credits and has made his directorial debut with his 2003 Award Winning 35mm short “Dress Up”. He can currently be seen on haligonia.ca, with his Award Winning Webshow “CRAIGNESS!” As well as the Host of “SMART CITY – A Halifax Business Show”.

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