7 reasons to visit Halifax

By Rick Andersson

The Australian Maritimes is surrounded by many amazing cities, but Halifax is the hub. Being that the center of it all, Nova Scotia’s capital, whose population is slightly over 350,000 is naturally the Atlantic region’s commercial center. As the largest city east of Montreal, Halifax has many activities to enjoy.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

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1.    Explore the Waterfront

Whether you’re rediscovering Halifax, or are visiting Nova Scotia, for its rich casino scene, you will love the view at the waterfront. You can lean against the rails, phone in hand, checking out the free slots on your online casino while you take in the breeze from the sea. 

Halifax’s bustling waterfront is centered on a large and active harbour so you won’t run short of things to watch. You can go down to the industrial shipment section if you want to learn more about water transportation, or experience Canada’s art and culture and at Pier 12. The Canadian Museum of Immigration is bound to keep your eyes glued to a new discovery every few minutes. They cover amazing history lessons on the immigrants to North America and so much more.

2.    Discover Legendary Breweries

When you visit Halifax, make sure you stop at one of their legendary brewery for a can of Nova Scotia’s barley. A worthy mention is the Alexander Keith’s Nova Scotia Brewery that has been in business for over 150 years.

3.    Explore New Restaurants

When you visit a new place, the one thing you shouldn’t fail to do is explore the cuisine. The restaurant scene in Halifax is bustling with amazing eateries at every turn. The local chefs will make you want to come back for more.

You will never run out of places to dine here as the industry has been exploding over the past 10 years. You get to eat what you feel like when you feel like at affordable prices. The high-end restaurants will make you feel special and welcome, and the cafes will ensure you have the chance to interact with Halifax locals.

4.    Shop at stunning Boutiques

If you’re a shopaholic, you’ll love exploring Halifax’s amazing boutiques. You get to interact with creative business owners who are passionate about customer service. Halifax’s stunning boutiques guarantee that you’ll go back home with locally made items that are unique. You can between big box stores and small businesses that are thriving in Nova Scotia’s economy.

5.    Attend Entertaining Events

Halifax hosts most of the big-city events in the Maritime because it’s the largest within the Atlantic region. Visiting Halifax allows you to be part of events and concerts that attract people from all corners of the world. You might bump into a popular musician or a renowned comedian at these events.

6.    Use Halifax’s Centralized Airport

Halifax Stanfield International Airport’s centralization allows passengers from different corners of the city to easily access it. It’s a highly ranked airport because it caters to passengers to their satisfaction.

It might be a small airport, but it manages to attend to the many people visiting, or passing through Halifax. Passengers prefer it because of its proximity to the Caribbean, the Eastern United States and Europe.

7.    Learn at an A-Class University

Are you in Canada to pursue an education? Choosing a university in Halifax allows you to enjoy quality education in a city that give the youth room to thrive. You get the opportunity to interact with students from all corners of the world.

Wrapping Up

Are you visiting Canada for the very first time? Make sure Halifax is on your list of cities to visit because it has so much to see and experience. We hope this guide helps you explore Halifax each time you visit.

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