7 Steps To Getting Healthy

7 Steps To Getting Healthy

The other day I wrote a post about what it means to be FitFluential and right now I want to grow on that a little.

We as a group were asked to write a post that will help inspire someone that is potentially just started a fitness journey.  And just like the last post I wrote, I couldn’t just jump in like others did and get a post done.  These last two posts have really made me think and reflect about my own journey and how I got here today and how it’s made me a better person.

This emotional feelings crap is really starting to get on my nerves, but at the same time, I feel like it’s helping me grow as a person and I’m HOPING it helps at least one other person out there.

So without further ado… My 7 Steps To Getting Healthy. I’m going to get some of my manhood back and go find a polar bear to wrestle.

  1. Realize You Need Help and Get It
    It took me nearly 6 years to realize that I needed to get healthy. I was completely oblivious as to how unhealthy I had become from the age of 19 to the age of 25.  I went from a 155 lbs kid that played sports every day to a 265 lbs man who drank and smoked every day.  It took 5 years for me to get the help I needed and that’s 5 years I won’t get back.
  2. Start Small; Sweat The Small Stuff
    I lost my first 10 lbs by switching my large double double (it’s a Canadian thing, it means large coffee with two cream and two sugar) to a large 1 milk and 1 Splenda. Make small changes in your diet in increments.
  3. Don’t Worry About the Scale
    I have issues with the scale because it lies.  There are so many factors that come in to play when losing weight that you can’t just count on the scale.  Take some before and after pictures. Take some measurements in key areas on your body like your stomach, legs, arms and chest.  Another great way to to measure your progress is by how your clothes are fitting. Don’t only rely on a scale.
  4. Set Attainable Goals and Share Them
    Setting goals is the key to success but setting goals that are out of reach is what usually sets people up to fail. I know you may be excited to get started and shooting for the stars may seem like the way to go, but setting small attainable goals and sharing them with people that you know will help you be more successful.
  5. Find Activities You Like and Do Them
    If you hate running, don’t try and do a half marathon. If you hate lifting weights, why force yourself in to the weight room?  If you’re just starting with the whole fitness thing, working out may not be fun for you and you may need to force yourself to go, but go and do something you like. Take a class. Jump on the bike. Pick up a sport. Go for a walk. Do kart-wheels… Just do something!  Once you get started, the rest will come.
  6. Become an Expert
    When you start working out, you’re going to start getting advice from people you didn’t ask for it from.  It may be the meat head beside you at the gym, it may be the dude at the supplement store who’s buying the creatine, it may be the hot yoga girl who’s ass you just got caught checking out.  Regardless, when it comes to healthy living, knowledge is power.  Don’t believe everything you read, everywhere, but knowing what you are doing and what you are talking about when it comes to you and your goals, will help you attain them.
  7. Learn To Forgive…
    If you mess up or fall off the wagon, don’t beat yourself up about it.  Forgive yourself and move on.   It’s not worth it at all and you can’t use it as an excuse. I use the term “burn the wagon down” a lot, feel free to steal it.


Source: http://www.yourinnerskinny.ca/7-steps-to-getting-healthy/

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