8 Smart Ways to Stop Outlook Corruption and Fix PST Files

Microsoft Outlook is a widely used email system with numerous features, however, with a few disadvantages. According to an article published in Lifewire, MS Outlook’s email application has its benefits as well as drawbacks. Besides email, it also has some features such as a task manager, calendar, note-taking, contact manager, as well as web browsing. Outlook also builds a data file known as a personal storage table (PST) on a local system. 

Outlook data file becomes corrupt, which is a major drawback together with additional issues. In this article, we will walk you through the five eight tips to stop Outlook corruption as well as repair PST files. 

1. Avoid saving PST files on a network drive or server

Did you know that an Outlook data file needs to be saved on any local computer? As the network setting fails to support the compact access of PST files, one must not save it on a network drive or server. If you do it, the PST files will often become corrupt. Again, if several users try accessing a PST file simultaneously via a network, it may lead to serious damage to the data file. Therefore, you should avoid saving at all costs. 

2. Avoid allowing the PST file to be oversized

As a PST file becomes corrupted because of its size restriction, one must never allow it to be oversized. When you’re using an older edition of MS Outlook, ensure that the PST file size is under 1.5 GB. Again, if you are still stuck with Outlook 2007 or for that matter 2010, ensure that the PST file size is under 10 GB. 

When it comes to Outlook 2013/2016, you should have sufficient space for storage. For managing the size of your mailbox, it is best to compress a PST file and or eliminate duplicate files from the MS Outlook data file. 

3. Switch off your computer the right way

Turning off your computer or laptop matters a lot, because the improper shutdown of the machine will result in serious issues. An unexpected power cut is a key reason why computers shutdown suddenly. For instance, when you are using MS Outlook and the computer shuts down due to a power outage, the email system may become corrupted. That’s why you need to use a UPS to ensure that you have backup power in case of abrupt power failures. In case your email system is corrupted, you must repair outlook without delay. 

4. Don’t process numerous emails at the same time

Did you know that you can process as many as 10,000 emails at the same time? Then, do not try to process more than the limit. When working on unlimited emails at a time, MS Outlook is possibly to become lockdown. In that case, you will have to close MS Outlook unusually, and consequently, you may get a corrupt PST file. 

5. Use antivirus software in the right way

Occasionally, antivirus software might affect the way your email messages work in the PST file. If the antivirus application runs slow, it might slow down the skimming of Outlook messages. Besides, old or flawed software may result in files being corrupted. Do not use MS OneCare because it might remove the PST files. That’s why you must use the antivirus application in the right way as well as update it frequently. 

6. Close MS Outlook correctly

Avoid closing your MS Outlook suddenly. Doing so will lead to serious issues. If you do not close your email app the right way when PST files are still in use, the files may become corrupted. This is a simple thing to remember and so, practice it religiously. 

7. Don’t you unwanted add-ins

Never use needless Outlook add-ins. That’s because a problem with the add-ins may lead to PST files being corrupted. You need to disable the add-ins to verify if they are the cause of the problem. 

8. Repair PST files

The above tips are useful if you would like to prevent PST files from being corrupted. However, if a file is previously corrupt, you need to repair the same with the help of the Inbox Repair tool. It’s called the scanpst.exe utility, an in-built tool of Microsoft. If the file corruption issue is too critical, the MS tool might fail to work. In that case, you need to search for some professional assistance. 


Now that you have these ideas ready, it will be easier for you to use MS Outlook and prevent or fix PST file damage. The generic tips will help you considerably to prevent issues. In case the problems are too serious, repairing PST files is the last resort. However, use the accurate repair Outlook tool provided by a professional company. MS Outlook app has many benefits and so its proper use will help you stay productive and work on email messages efficiently. 

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