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How to style a dungaree dress

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I’m not sure I’ll be sporting overalls anytime soon, but I’ll never say never people because I’ve put my fashionista foot in my mouth before.
It’s not that I don’t like the dungaree look, but I’m just not sure what it’ll look like on me. I like how urban outfitters has styled them here with the lace top, funky necklace, and of course the messy hair is a given. I think this is totally a look you should rock brave blog reader!

This week Fashion Magazine’s Style Panel explored the overall trend (see looks here), but unfortunately I was too busy the last couple weeks to get myself organized enough to participate, but I have to say that Lyndsay Forest (Over My Styled Body) knocked it out of the park for me by styling the dungaree shorts with those killer shoes and leopard clutch. And Amber Desilets (Canadian Fashionista) did too by cuffing the longer ones up with a little great sandal. Well done ladies 🙂 if I was going to rock this look this is how I would do it!

What are your thoughts on the dungarees blog reader? yay? or nay?

Thanks for Reading & Happy Saturday!

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