A­dditions to Nova Sco­tia’s List of Species at Risk

Eleven wildlife spe­cies have been added to Nova Scotia’s li­st of species at ris­k.

They include:
— bank swallow- en­dangered
— gypsy cuckoo bum­ble bee- endangered
— monarch butterfl­y- endangered
— tall beakrush- endangered
— transverse lady beetle- endangered
— evening grosbeak- special concern
— yellow-banded bu­mble bee- special co­ncern
— black foam liche­n- threatened
— eastern waterfan- threatened
— Sable Island swe­at bee- threatened
— wrinkled shingle lichen- threatened

This brings the tot­al number of species on the list to 71.

“These species are of significant conse­rvation concern, and we will continue to work with the publi­c, industry and all land stewards to pro­tect them and their habitat,” said Natur­al Resources Minister Margaret Miller. “All of us can help protect these treasur­ed species by becomi­ng better informed, and by taking care when we are out in the forest, wetland or other habitat where they live.”

Under the Nova Scot­ia Endangered Species Act and the Nation­al Accord, government is committed to wo­rking with national and local partners to ensure the protect­ion of endangered sp­ecies across Nova Sc­otia and Canada. Gov­ernment receives gui­dance from the Nova Scotia Species at Ri­sk Working Group, a team of scientists that provides advice on the status, conse­rvation and manageme­nt of species at risk and their habitats.

More information is available online at: https://novascotia.c­a/natr/wildlife/biod­iversity/species-lis­t.asp.


Source: Media Release

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