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A Letter From Miranda Rose Norman: “Rest Easy Greg” Please Read And Share

Greg Norman, a young man from Sackville, took his life last week. This is a letter from his big sister that she wishes to share:

Miranda Rose Norman wrote a new note: ”Rest Easy Greg” Please Share so people are aware and no one else loses a loved one .

To whom it may concern,

  Let me introduce myself, my name is Miranda Norman, and I called the Mobile Crisis Unit on October 24, 2013 regarding my little brother Greg. Just a quick question, do you know  the difference between a want and a need? I do. Greg NEEDED help; you didn’t WANT to give him it. Told me that this is a phase and MOST people get out of it, you were wrong.  I’ll tell you a bit about Greg before I go any further.
Considering you didn’t take the time to come and meet him or talk to him I’ll give you a description of this amazing kid. Greg was a hardworking, stubborn, 17 year old in grade 12. Phenomenal with kids, would of made the world’s best dad. On the outside just your average guy, always with the BIGGEST smile on his face, always eager to help ANYONE, never asked to be compensated for what he did for others, a true HERO in my eyes. He’d literally give you his underwear if you needed them. Loved animals like no one I have ever met and loved every person he ever came in contact with. Never judged others; if you needed a shoulder, he’d be it.  
Now let’s get to the real problem. When I called the Crisis Unit do you think I did it because I hated my brother, wanted to see him get in trouble, thought I’d waste your time? NO. I called because my brother meant the world to me and to see him go down the road he was going was devastating me. I was his big sister, I was supposed to be able to point him in the right direction, and I couldn’t. So I called the cops on him, tried to get him help, no luck. So I called the Crisis Mobile Unit as a LAST RESORT. You didn’t want to help either. Did it maybe ever cross your mind to think maybe he does need help; just maybe we should go see him. Don’t you think that if I bothered to call on my little brother I was truly concerned about him, that maybe I knew more than what you thought you knew about the situation? I told you on the phone about the drugs that he was using and abusing, about the cutting that he hid from everyone around him, about him saying that he was going to hang himself. Apparently that isn’t enough to be considered a CRISIS.   On November 19, 2013 I got the call that turned my world upside down. My little brother Greg was gone. Greg took his own life. My parents and I tried to get him help. Nobody thought he needed help so he never did get the help he deserved. He was a remarkable individual that has left HUNDREDS of people grieving. Explain to me how I look at my Mom, Dad and Sister and try to tell them that we will get through this, try to justify that he is in a better place now, remind them of all the good times we all had with him. Did you think about the consequences to your actions when you told me that you weren’t going to help him? I said that he’s 17 and had his whole life ahead of him and the response I got was “17 year olds used to go to war”.
The worst part is that I wasn’t the only one to make the call about Greg.   I get it though, don’t worry. You are there for your pay check, not for helping children and youth who need help. Just there for the money. Put in your time and don’t bother to actually make a difference in the lives of the people who need it the most. How corrupt our system is, how much it failed my family, his friends, the community. I wish that you could understand how much Greg will be MISSED and how LOVED he was. If I could trade everything I have in my life to have him back I would, but instead on November 23, 2013, we buried my baby brother.   
I just hope that next time you open your mouth when somebody calls in for help, you are saying that you are going to go there and see what’s going on because maybe if you had just done your important job I wouldn’t have to be writing this letter right now, I wouldn’t only have memories to hold on to, and Greg would still be here. ”If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever” May he Rest Easy and watch over all the ones that loved him.

Here is a link to her Fbook note if you would like to directly comment to her:


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