A message from the Nova Scotia Egyptian Society

A message from the Nova Scotia Egyptian Society The Nova Scotia Egyptian Society, has released a statement based on the events that have occurred in Egypt in recent days and would like this to be acknowledged or noted in a provincial manner that this is our views on the events as we represent the Egyptians in Nova Scotia, Canada. The message below has been addressed to our provincial governments and officials in the Halifax Regional Municipality.


“The Nova Scotia Egyptian Society condemns the violence, aggression and deaths of innocent citizens that has taken place during the past three days and since the start of this revolution. We hope for peaceful demonstrations today; it will most likely be another historical day as Egyptians protest and express their emotions towards everything they desire for this revolution to conclude in a Million Man March.

Your support to the Egyptian Society at large as we continue to transition through this phase and hope for a peaceful outcome. Our community will have a moment of silence today to reflect in memory of all those who have passed away not just for the past three days but since the start of this revolution.

The rule of the military has grown much tension on the people of Egypt; we urge our government of Canada to recognize the need for a healthy Democracy run by civil laws and ways of attaining them. We will continue to engage and raise awareness within the community and post information as they continue to develop on our website & social media pages.”

For more information visit www.nsegyptiansociety.ca

Source: http://www.bedfordbeacon.com/a-message-from-the-nova-scotia-egyptian-society

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Good morning Bedford!

Good morning Bedford!