A message to soccer parents from club head coach

bedford-titans-soccer1Hi Soccer parents,

On Wednesday May 13, 2009 there will be a special general meeting of the Bedford Soccer Association. Many of you wouldn’t think twice about attending this meeting. I would like to ask you not only to think twice about attending, but I would also like you to attend and vote YES to a merger with HCU, Halifax County United Soccer Club.

I think the merger of the two clubs will make an incredible soccer club for our kids. The merger will bring together two clubs who share the same philosophies when it comes to developing players and making sure our kids have fun on the soccer field.

To be honest there, isn’t a lot that will change in our mini program, except we might be able to do more coaches training, hire more staff coaches to coach out mini teams and we might get a new soccer facility along the Hammonds Plains Road where we could have our mini-fest and where the older kids can train and play close to home. All our mini programs will continue to be community based and played at a local school field.

f the merger doesn’t go through, we will still continue to grow and develop players.

If the merger does go through we will become a more organized club and that can only mean a better place for our kids to play soccer.

I think it is a great idea to join clubs. I embrace change and look forward to meeting more parents and coaching more kids.

There is a lot of information on the merger on our website so you can read about all the details at: http://www.bedfordtitans.com.

I am going on vacation and I will return just before the vote, so I won’t be around to answer any questions. Feel free to email Peter McCormick at peter.mccormick@omg.ca. He is our U10 Girls Academy Coach and the Vice President of the BSA.

The Vote will take place on Wednesday, May 13 at 7 p.m. at the Basinview School Cafeteria. Please come out and vote YES.

Thanks a lot,

Marc Butler

Club Head Coach – mini soccer (U4 – U10)

P.S. If you see another soccer mom or dad on the school yard, playground or at the grocery store, please chat with them about this and ask them to come out and vote YES with you.


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