A New Generation of Treadmills: Internet-connected

By Ika

Modern technology in sports equipment is making them affordable, comfortable, and easy to use. Treadmills are part of every fitness club, and this is one of the favourite workout tools to have at home for many people. New modern treadmills have a new addition in the form of a touchscreen or built-in tablet slot that allows you to place your iPad in easily. In addition, an Internet connection is giving workout whole new meaning and perception. This way of walking, or even running, can become fun and efficient with a tablet that allows you to browse the Internet, watch series, and respond to emails.

TechnoGym Skillrun Unity 7000

If you are a professional athlete, this treadmill will meet your needs. Multidrive Technology allows combining cardio and power training on this machine. In addition, this treadmill will help you enhance your skills by using stream exercise programs on a sizeable in-build screen.

So a treadmill that does it all, and if you need extra push that will inspire you to walk, you can use its built-in web browser to shop, watch shows, or heck, even hope over to some online slot machines (yes, it supports HTML) and play games while walking your pedometer milestone of a day.

Sole F80 Treadmill

This treadmill is in the first place because of its affordable price. With great performances and more than a reasonable price, this treadmill goes off the market quickly. Fifteen different levels that vary from 5 mph to 12 mph give you every possible terrain that you could use. This treadmill has a large screen that will show you details on track distance, calories, heart rate, and more. In addition, the device holder allows you to use your favourite smart device while walking to work or entertain. This machine supports up to 375 lbs and has a lifetime warranty.

7.8 AT treadmill

This treadmill machine is for all modern technology lovers searching for top-quality devices and advanced ways of exercising. 4.0 HP motor has 33% faster speed and inclines changes that are great for interval training, hard sprints, and HIIT. The big display gets filled with a holder for intelligent devices. Bluetooth chest strap allows you to check your heart rate and more additional health information. On this treadmill, you can easily connect to a virtual training studio. 7.8 AT treadmill also comes with a lifetime warranty for frame and motor.

Nordic Track Commercial 2950

This one is the most advanced. With improved Wi-Fi, you can easily access to iFit trainers and stream Live workouts. Automate Trainer control will help you adjust the treadmill to your training. Google Maps will take you anywhere and iFit family membership for five users.

Woodway 4front Treadmill

Slate Belt technology in running surface replicates outdoor ground, and the treadmill has three different training modes: traditional, dynamic, and resistance. It’s one of the most efficient parts of fitness equipment. Woodway treadmill requires 50% less electricity than usual ones.

Treadmills of the new generation allow professional athletes, amateurs, and sports enthusiasts to start working out. Not enough space for fitness equipment or not enough time can’t be an excuse anymore. New modern technology treadmills are easy to store, and with modern technology, you can use an in-build tablet or use your own while walking to have a video conference or answer your emails.

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