A New Look, the Importance of Back Up and New Job.

A New Look, the Importance of Back Up and New Job.

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This could of been me yesterday!

I woke up to find my blog down. I think that is a blogger’s worst day. I was in a panic. So what do I do? I call one of the smartest men I know Neil Hedley, @neihedley. He was launching his brand new baby, opps book yesterday and he took time away from his busy day to help me a friend out. I was going crazy as it took hours for Neil to get me back up, after a corrupted file took my blog down.I owe Neil big time!

Lessons from yesterday. ALWAYS back up your data! Thankfully I was able to get my posts back. I would of cried if 4 years of posts, and yes it is almost 4 years since I started  Common Cents Mom, would of been gone. I hadn’t been updating things as I should, so that bit me.

I learned how important it is to always have a backup of the things that are important too you. I also learned part of my own personal backup, is having wonderful friends who are real the real backups when the nasty things like a crashed site happens or worse.

While we were getting Common Cents Mom back up and running it was a great chance for me to launch my new logo. A few weeks back I asked my friend Craig, from Big Daddy Kreativ to help me out and design and new logo and new business cards since I was job hunting. I wanted perfection and that is what Craig delivered on the first go. I am really thankful that he got the job done so fast and I really can’t wait to hand out my new card the next time I am at a function.

I actually have 2 new business cards, as I have my one for the blog and one for my new job at She’s Connected. That is right I got a new job. I was unemployed only 6 days! I am thankful that Social Media, my blog, Twitter, great friends who knew my skills and attending the She’s Connected Conference putting me at the front of the list when Donna Marie was looking to add to the team. I am grateful to her for the opportunity and it means I get to do only more connecting as I will be working with the brands and bloggers. I love the new job and the new office. I absolutely love the energy in the room and I am only looking forward to great things to come.

Now if you happen to need a logo, or design work done I really do suggest you try Big Daddy Kreativ, and if you need help on your blog then you want Neil on your team. Glad I have both of these good men as part of my backup team.

For you women I am so looking forward to meeting more of you and interacting with more of you in my new role as She’s Connected. I hope we connect soon.

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