A Real Booty Kicker!

A few weeks ago Booty Camp Fitness contacted me to see if I would be interested in receiving a copy of their new DVD, Booty Camp Fitness Ultimate Home Edition
If you remember, back in the Summer I was one of the lucky bloggers who got to attend Booty Camp here in Halifax.  It was a great workout (I could definitely feel the burn!) and I had a blast having fun in the sun with a few of the other local girls!  Included with my sessions was a copy of the first DVD, and it too has always left me sweating and sore. 🙂

So, of course I said yes to this DVD.  It’s the perfect time of year too, with New Years Resolutions and the cold temperatures who doesn’t want an effective indoor workout?

On Friday, I opened up my mailbox……

And excitedly opened my package to find the DVD and a nice little note from Lisa, their PR Rep.

”The Ultimate-Home Edition DVD has eight fat-burning and body-sculpting workouts that will deliver rapid and visible results.”

This two-disc DVD takes you through progressive, time-focused workouts, allow you to tack full body as well as muscle specific exercises.”


Pink Disc Includes: White Disc Includes:
– Cardio Quickie (20 mins) – Phase 1 Beginner (47 mins)
– Booty Booster (15 mins) – Phase 2 Intermediate (43 mins)
– Ab-Salute Core (20 mins) – Phase 3 Advanced (60 mins)
– Seaside Serenity Stretch (27 mins)  
– Bringing The Heat Cardio (35 mins)  

HPIM2413 HPIM2410

I had no run planned for today so I finally got a chance to test out the DVD this evening.  I tried out two workouts, both from the pink disc.

Cardio Quickie – WOW, this got my heart rate up and I was sweating almost immediately.  The moves were all fairly simple: jumping rope, running on the spot, jumping jacks, tees, a few kick boxing style moves and a nice stretchy cool down.  Simple but quite effectiveMr. Polar tells me I burned 176 calories. Nice!

Ab-Salute! Core – I admit for the most part when I work out its cardio.  I really need to get my act together and follow some type of core/strength routine.  This routine was great and I will be using it again.  There were many different exercises and for the most part I could do them all.  I carry the majority of my excess weight in my lower belly so sometimes I find it hard to do abs/core.  I found this routine really fun (seriously!);  there were a lot of the moves I’d never seen before like the starfish crunch and one move where you’re on your knees and slowing lean backwards.   And, of course there were the regulars like plank and bicycle crunches. About half-way through the routine I could definitely feel my core muscles burning.  Have a feeling I’m going to be sore in the mid-section tomorrow! 🙂  Mr. Polar tells me I burned 125 calories.

Yup, I was pretty red and sweaty after my two routines.  I can’t wait to check out the rest of the workouts over the next couple of weeks! 

This was definitely a great addition to my fitness DVD collection!  Thanks again Booty Camp Fitness.


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