A relaxing brunch at Cafe Otto

On the heels of a fairly traumatic night in our apartment, my housemate and I went out for a much needed nosh of breakfast at Cafe Otto on Glebe Point Road.  The circumstances are not important, but the fact was; we were stressed, sleep deprived and not at all in the mood to even consider making some eats, so we trekked out to this local neighborhood hot spot.

Unfortunately, my roomie has a slew of allergies – not even including her allergy to sulphates making it impossible for us to share a btl. of wine – but she’s also allergic to eggs, so we have to look for restos that contain enough non-eggy items for her…and enough eggy items for me!

Cappuccino ($3.50)
And after the night we’d had – it was the best coffee I’d ever tasted..

We started with an order of onion rings; Kylie’s genius idea.  These little babies were an tasty – and a great value for the plate at $6…They look a little sparse in this photo, but the order was a good size. The batter was super-thin and light, and they were served with an atomizer  on the side so that you could lightly spritz and evenly distribute the vinegar.  Again; genius!

Salt & Vinegar Onion Rings ($6.)

Kylie had (one of my favourite Aussie sammies) a BLAT; bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato. Look at this sammy!  Crusty bread, smooth avocado spread and thick, salty bacon made for a filling, multi-textured lunch. You know what they say: what’s simple is best, and when the best quality ingredients are used, it results in a pretty great meal.

Bacon & Avocado Baguette ($7)

w/ tomato, lettuce & mayo

My omelette doesn’t really look like much, but it was quality.  Chock-full of succulent salmon and creamy avocado, it had the most beautiful sauce of zingy cream cheese with lemon which melted all over the filling.  The side of was less than thrilling, but when the egg is so good, you don’t really notice the token toast.

Smoked Salmon & Avocado Omelette ($16)

What a night; what a breakfast.  The meal certainly perked us up.  The trauma is long over at this point, but the meal has stayed with me and I’ve been having good ones at Cafe Otto ever since!

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