A #Sackville Cranberry Sauce Tale For The Ages!

Below is a tale about a cranberry sauce incident that I have never lived down.


Over twenty years ago (at least) I was invited to stay for dinner at my buddy Jayson Baxter’s place by his mother, Jean.

Of course I accepted and started digging in.
Everything was going fine…it was just a normal delicious dinner at the Baxter house. I finished the dinner part and then started in on my dessert, which was in a heaping bowl right in front of me.

No problem.

At least *I* thought it was no problem.

It turns out this “dessert” was the bowl of cranberry sauce which was obviously meant for everyone to enjoy. I was not thinking (clearly) and shoveled it into myself as if it were a big bowl of ice cream. As this was happening, Mrs. Baxter sat across from me and did everything she could to stop herself from bursting out laughing.
I finally started feeling really sick and said ” I’m sorry, this dessert is delicious but I can’t finish it”.
This is when she lost it and started to crack up! I then realised what I had done and couldn’t believe it. We were all in stitches!
That Christmas, Mrs. Baxter gave me a giftwrapped can of cranberry sauce and it has become a running joke ever since. I have not eaten one molecule of the stuff since and at every family meal the big joke is always “Ya want some cranberry sauce, Jeff?”
I hope some of you get a chuckle out of this tale. It may be a “I guess you had to be there” story but I am glad to finally put it in writing. Hehe

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