A Second Helping of ‘Easter Eggs’: Movie Secrets and Hidden Stuff

Easter’s officially over, and you’re suffering from Easter egg withdrawal? They are wonderful, who could blame you? Well, my friend, quiver and twitch no longer!

In the movie world, an “Easter egg” refers to something intentionally hidden in the film by its creators – a fun, little extra for you to stumble upon. These added bonuses can take many forms. Maybe someone relevant behind the scenes is playing a background extra, or maybe there’s an inside joke or self-reference that you have to be very quick to catch.

Here are a list of some movie Easter eggs to fill that hole in your soul…junkie.

R2-D2 in Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Included as a sly nod to his previous special effects work in Star Wars, the special effects guru on Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Dennis Muren, placed a small R2-D2 droid on the underside of the mother ship model. Here’s a shot from the scene:

E.T. in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace

Potentially, the best thing about this piece of crap movie is that everyone’s favourite interstellar scamp makes a couple cameos – sadly, it can’t make up for Jar Jar Binks.

‘Hidden Mickeys’ in Disney Films

Disney has their own version of Easter eggs involving their famous rodent. In most of their films, Mickey appears hidden somewhere in the scenery – sometimes it’s just the mouse ears icon, sometimes it’s the full mouse. Here are a couple from Lilo and Stitch, Snow White and Tron.

Goofy in The Little Mermaid

Mickey isn’t the only one getting in on the hiding action. Here’s Goofy hiding Waldo-style in The Little Mermaid.

The Many ‘Eggs’ of Pixar

These guys are notorious for referencing their older movies, as well as sometimes giving sneak previews of characters in films not yet released. It would take a much larger article to go through every single reference…so here you go! Click the picture below and check them out.

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