A Short Guide on How to Claim and Use Casino Bonuses

With so many different casino brands out there, it is inevitable that companies are coming up with new and interesting promotions to try and tempt customers to try out their offerings. As a casino gambler, it makes a lot of sense to try to take advantage of these promotions if you possibly can.

Our advice is to always check whether there is a casino bonus available before you sign up for a new account, but what are the best ways to do this? Do you have to do anything specific in order to claim a casino bonus?

In this guide, we’ll explain how to claim and use casino bonuses.

Find Your Bonus

Finding a casino online bonus is a big part of the process and is arguably the most important step. If you have a casino in mind, check if they have a specific promotions page where they share some of their bonus information.

Some sites offer different bonuses depending on whether or not you are a new customer, plus they may be impacted by how much is deposited. For example, there may be a minimum deposit that is required to qualify for some of the bonuses. Some may only qualify if they are in specific areas, such as British Columbia, where gambling is regulated.

There are also comparison sites that can show you the bonuses that are available on the market in direct comparison with one another, helping you make your choice.

Check the Terms (and Promo Codes)

Before you sign up, it is always important that you check the terms of an offer. You may need to enter a specific promo code at the point of signing up and you may need to deposit a certain amount to qualify for the bonus.

On top of this, some promotions have a maximum win or even certain wagering requirements before you can take money back out of the account.

The only way to know specifically what each of the bonuses or promotions has to offer is to read the terms. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring the terms.

Sign Up for an Account

Follow the instructions to enter your details and sign up for an account. This is one of the simpler steps but, once again, we need to stress that you need to check whether a specific promotional code is needed. At this point, there will be a field in the form to add your promo code to so you can take advantage.

Follow the rest of the steps to sign up, you may also need to make a deposit too, in order to trigger the bonus. Every site has a slightly different process, so you need to check what is required when signing up.

Wait for Your Bonus

You may need to wait for the bonus to be approved and to appear in your account. Bonuses come in a lot of different formats and, as well as matched deposits and free bets, players might also get free spins that can be used on specific slot games.

It may take a few minutes for this to appear in your account. A lot of the gambling sites out there also have support chat lines that can be used if you are looking for some help and are not sure why your bonus hasn’t appeared in your account.

Play Your Casino Games

Once the bonus has appeared in your account, you can play your game of choice using the bonus. Some of the casinos out there have a huge choice of games to play.

People have a lot of different casino game preferences, and it is possible to play slot games, table games, and other games using bonuses. Some sites will restrict the bonus and only allow it to be used on certain games, which is another reason to check the specific terms.


Whether you’re the sort of person who plays casino games regularly or it is just one of the activities you opt for during heavy rain in the local area, casino bonuses can help your money go further or give you the chance to test out some of the games out there.

It is relatively simple to find the bonuses and most sites make it easy to redeem codes or simply make a deposit and benefit from the promotion that the site has on offer. Just make sure you always check the terms and conditions.

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