A Smashing Secret Santa Gift!

Several weeks ago me, Angie, Amy, Jen, Cat, Tash, Jaime, Lex and Lesley decided it would be fun to do a Secret Santa gift exchange. 

A few days ago a beautifully wrapped packaged arrived in the mail for me…. all the way from the West Coast! 

It was from the lovely Cat, who gave me an awesome combo birthday/secret santa gift – a Smashbox Style Icon pack.  For those of you who know me, other than the fact that I have a serious thing for shoes, I’m not that much of a girlie girl.  I’ve been wanting to learn to do my make-up/hair/accessories better for quite awhile so this was perfect! 

The kit includes –
Primer, an eye shadow pallet, blush, mascara & gloss.

Turns out Cat knows me very well because she kindly sent along a sheet full of instructions on how to use each product! :)   Seeing the little note made me so relieved, LOL.

I’m happy to announce that I’ve tried everything out and have successfully prettied-up 3 times already! 😉 I ♥ the eyeshadow pallet.

HPIM2222 HPIM2220

Thanks for such a thoughtful gift Cat!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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