A stinky sign of summer: Green carts will be collected weekly until October

HRM has announced that the weekly summer green cart collection will commence on Monday, July 3.

During the summer months of July, August, and September, residents can take advantage of the green cart collection service. Collection services are scheduled to begin as early as 7 a.m. To ensure a smooth and efficient pick-up process, residents are kindly requested to place their materials by the curbside the evening before the designated collection day. This will help ensure that all items are collected promptly.

For those curious about their specific collection schedules, the HRM website provides a convenient resource to look up the information.

With the upcoming launch of the weekly green cart collection and the subsequent transition to a bi-weekly schedule, the HRM aims to provide efficient waste management services throughout the year. Starting Monday, October 2, the green cart collection will transition to a bi-weekly schedule. Residents should adjust their expectations accordingly to align with the new collection frequency.

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