A Thank You Post

As I sit to write tonight my heart is full. I had seen the wonders of people before but the last 48 hours have been such a blessing for me and Rachel.

It all started at #PlaybookTO an event hosted by Blackberry to launch the Blackberry Playbook. They hosted a twitter contest, and I was lucky enough to be one of 50 winners of the new Playbook.  I got to take 3 girlfriends and get my playbook We also got to play and learn the Playbook.

Well it was late in the night Wednesday, when I told my girlfriends my plan on using my playbook which I love for something better–getting Rachel to summer camp. They thought it was a cool idea so in the wee hours of Thursday morning I posted that I was going to give my Playbook to someone who helped me get Rachel the summer she deserved.

What happened next was awe-inspiring, breathtaking and brought pure bliss to my 13 yr old daughter. People we knew and didn’t know tweeted and retweeted the post. So many gave both big and small amounts. Thank You so much Sheldon, Henry, Shasha, Jacki, Marcia, Linda, Beth, Sue, Kathy, Gerrit, Lori, Julie, Mara, Gloria, Marcy, Tamara, Kim, Heather, Daniel, Michelle, Melany, Shawn, Kimberly, Shawn, Frank, Sharon, Leah, Gerrit, Cow and Moon Paper Co, AHaz Desings, DCDG Development, Edley Imagineering,Ripple Connection, and Scott.

And then a couple of things happened yesterday that brought smiles and joy and as the day wore on. First I think there was more than one person who contacted the Blackberry team about my post. Sara from Urban Mom, I do know got through and by the end of the day there was an email from Carolyn at Blackberry that made me want to cry, it seemed the team there read the post, loved the idea, and wanted me still to have a Playbook so they are replacing the Playbook.Thank-you Blackberry!

Two of my other friends, and I do consider both of these people friends Scott  gave Rachel and I a Season pass to Wonderland. When I told Rachel this morning she was excited! She can’t wait for all the looping rides and I think I am going to have a heart attack at the thought of one. My other friend Mara decided to share a win she had recently with Kobo and gave Rachel a GC for Kobo Books. Rachel has already added her summer reading to our Kobo desktop. Thank you Scott and Mara.

For each of you who came read the post, sent retweets, shared the post, sent good vibes, and wishes and helped along the way I say thank-you! Those words do not seem enough to echo what is in my heart, it is full of  thanks to the wonderful community Rachel and I find ourselves apart of.

We will definitely be posting Rachel’s AWESOME summer here on the blog, on twitter, and on my Facebook account. Thanks Again!

Source: http://commoncentsmom.com/2011/04/23/a-thank-you-post/

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