A Visit To Vitality Medi-spa + A Treat For You!

Picture Picture Picture Who else is a repeat offender at letting their hair go? I confessed a while back that it had been an amount of time too embarrassing to admit since my last haircut (hey, I have a bit of an excuse with a newborn…right?). Well, I mustered up the courage to leave my baby for a few hours (for the first time! #momaccomplishments) and finally had the life brought back to my hair by Dawn Viney at Vitality Medi-Spa on Spring Garden Road.

​I walked in with split ends, grown out colour, post-partum hair loss, and dry and damaged hair, promising myself that I would never let it get this bad again. I had never met Dawn before and was beyond embarrassed to show up with hair in that condition! Dawn, stylist of 26 years (though I’m not sure she looks old enough to have that many years clocked in) instantly instilled the highest confidence that I could walk out of there with thick, healthy hair once again. She also gave me a warm cup of tea, chocolate, and a head massage…so she could have accidently shaven a strip down my head and I still would have walked out with a smile, LOL.

But in all seriousness, I actually have high expectations for my hairstylist because I have a HUGE attachment to my long hair, its my security blanket; a veil to hide behind when I am shy or uncomfortable. A few years ago I had my hair “trimmed” at another salon and walked all the way home in tears after the stylist chopped much more than the split ends (true story- ask my husband who was probably mortified to be walking alongside me haha). I am also pretty low maintenance, so I am a big fan of balayage colouring because it doesn’t require root touch-ups (it’s also a great starter style if you are nervous about colouring your hair).

​Dawn trimmed off the split ends (in a blunt style that I asked for), set the balayage colouring, and then finished with the most relaxing scalp massage and Kerastase “Fusio Dose” hair treatment customized for my concerns: moisture and shine. The treatment lasts around 6 weeks and stylists can customize it in different combos based on their clients needs. It was the first time I had ever added on a hair treatment when having my hair done, and it won’t be the last! I am so impressed with how healthy my hair feels, which feels especially nice after having what seems like clumps falling out from post-partum hair loss. When my husband picked me up, I hugged my baby the tightest I ever have, and he waited in silence (for my possible tears haha). He exclaimed how shocked he was that I was happy (and actually excited!) about my hair. Poor guy was probably traumatized by that episode a few years earlier!

​I’ve got another appointment booked in a month for a trim and to try another treatment, but until then I’m super excited to share…. ​…that the best part of this visit, is Vitality Medi-Spa has a treat for YOU! From now until March 31st: 25% off your first service visit (not including medical services) when you mention “BRITDESIGN” at the salon or spa!!! 



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