A Word from AllyG

AllyG: Ok seriously I miss blogging a lot. I am this close to being back in action. The husband took three weeks off of work to help settle BabyG into the household (Thank EFF for that because I would be hiding under my bed with a bottle of gin if I had to do this alone) so we’re trying to max our time together with the wee one before he heads back next week.

I have sort of mastered the art of the hotsling also known as the best invention since wedge heels. It even comes with a cute how-to video!

So, by next week, I hope to be back in semi-blogging action. Don’t worry, I’ve been doing my best to stay up-to-date while I’ve been away. Reading my mags while feeding BabyG (a feat in itself…trust), watching Access Hollywood, and of course Gossip Girl (Does anyone else want to slug Georgina in her busted face?). I’ve even been Keeping up with the Kardashians! Wtf? Khloe got married? Her dress wasn’t half bad…


Photo from www.hiphoprx.com

Is it yellow? Or is that just the light? Anytheways, can’t hate on the dress, but certainly feel fine defecating all over her choice in hairstyle. Hair up, Khloe. Hair up. Now is not the time to have your hair resemble a horse’s mane.

Although this horse’s mane looks pretty tight:


Point being, I’m looking forward to coming back. Hoping you’ll still have me. Big ups to L-A for holding it down while I’ve been bathing in spit up. Huge love to the guest bloggers as well who were super awesome (a special shout out to Jo who defended Carrie’s honour in the fashionable vs. bag lady SATC debate) well played (and L-A, you KNOW I love that Argyle sock look that Carrie wears!).

Kisses to you all and I’ll be back online tres soon.

Ally xo

I heart magazines. A lot.

Photo credit: Annie Mole from Flickr

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