ABC? You’re the worst.

Not that this is surprising in any way, but ABC has cancelled Don’t Trust The B—- in Apartment 23. I have a lot of feelings about this.apt 23

The show was funny. I adored Krysten Ritter, Dreama Walker and most of all, James van der Beek. The supporting cast was good too, and getting better as the show progressed. But ABC was sending this show to hell in a handbasket from the start.

First of all, the name. Moronic. Should’ve just been “Apartment 23“.

But more importantly, continuity was a major issue on this show, and through no fault of the writers. The episodes were aired completely out of order, in what seemed to be a completely random way. One week June was still trying to change Chloe, the next they had become close friends. Mark would have a girlfriend, then he’d be single and pining for his pal June, then he’d be in a relationship again. June went from wall street to the coffee shop so many times because the episodes weren’t aired chronologically that it became impossible to care about whether she was working her dream job. It was a hot mess. (Remember the time the network decided to start airing the show twice a week, without telling anyone? That wasn’t smart.)

This quirky show was a great match with Happy Endings, another fantastic but low-rated ABC sitcom. Now, we’ll get double-doses of Happy Endings on Tuesdays. I’ll gladly watch them, but I’m more than a little nervous that it simply means ABC is burning off episodes prior to cancellation.

ABC? You’re the worst.


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