I am pleased as punch to announce my inclusion in an upcoming short film by the creators of VAN GORE (the HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN fake-trailer contest winner) Keith Hodder & Jerrad Pulham.

The short, which we are shooting next month, will be submitted as part of the ABCS OF DEATH competition!

What’s the “ABCS OF DEATH competition”, you ask? Well, I really hate it when you interrupt me, but: THE ABCS OF DEATH is an upcoming feature length film wherein 25 different filmmakers are given a letter of the alphabet, and make a short film, ending with a gruesome death based around a word that starts with that letter (ie. W is for Waterfall).

For those of you who are a disappointment to your parents, there are actually 26 letters in the alphabet, and that 26th letter is what’s up for contention in the competition. Amateur filmmakers are asked to create a “T is for ___” submission, which is what we intend to do.

More info here:

Sound like fun? It is! For now, check out Hodder & Pelham’s most recent offering, VAN GORE…


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