Aching for Normalcy – #ThinnerThursday

Routine is imperative for any healthy lifestyle. Seriously. And I have been out of routine. I’m sure that fact has been blatantly obvious even here on my blog. Clearly my life is spiralling out of control, if even just a little bit. I am still not feeling back to normal from last week’s illness and now my son seems to have caught this terrible chest cold that kept me in bed all week. Add to that a death in the family, and I am just about ready for this crazy out of control bus called life to let me off at the next stop, assuming that stop is called vacation.

So routine? Non-existent. And that pretty much means everything healthy has gone down the drain too.

I started to notice this problem when I made the decision on the Labour Day weekend to go camping four hours away. For us, travelling usually means fast food. Lunch before, after, or during from a McDonald’s drive-through. Coffee and timbits from Tim Horton’s halfway through the trip. And of course, that pee-break at the service station requires a beverage and a bag of something salty.

When I made my trip to New Brunswick, I wasn’t too concerned with these frequent unhealthy breaks and the not-always-healthy camping food that accompanied them. I would be at home within a couple days and I would be back into routine.

Of course, on the first day home I received the message that my grandmother was in the hospital. And I spent the next weekend in the car, travelling back to New Brunswick to visit her. A few days later, we were driving back for the funeral.

And now, I can’t tell you the last healthy meal I ate. Last night, after getting home from the five hours of driving that was broken up by a funeral, we tossed a frozen stirfry into a pan for something easy. The night before the funeral, we had pizza.

Much of our issue is that we simply have not had a chance to go grocery shopping. I have been away with the car for the past two weekends and our evenings are too busy to make a big trip to the market. Our meal options have been limited.

I’m hoping that things will get back to normal. I’m hoping that soon things will slow down and my life will simply consist of the regular craziness that I deal with daily. Maybe then I will fall back into a routine and work my way back towards being healthy. Until then, pass the ice cream.


And now, it is your turn. I would love to connect with you on your healthy living journey. You can talk about whatever you want – your milestones, challenges, goals attained (or not), losing weight, eating better, exercising, or other healthy lifestyle changes and choices.

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If you missed it, please check out last night’s post. It was really important to me.



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