Act your shoesize, not your age: Coach’s Poppy collection

L-A: I decided that this morning’s post, while fun, was a little light on the fashion. So when I got an email in my inbox from Coach for their new Poppy collection, I decided I share. I’ve been a bit of a Coach junkie over the past few years, with my habit being fed by my mom and the outlets near her place. The acting your shoesize is their slogan, probably because this collection is decidedly youthful. Actually, it seems heavily influenced by Gossip Girl and marketed to teens and maybe early 20s. Because I don’t think this sneaker is for ladies of a certain age (which for most of us, is over 25):


I like a fun sneaker, but this is a bit much for me. Of course, not every teen can afford gaudy $140 sneakers or a $300 purse, so I imagine that’s why there are items in the collection that those of us long past our teens can work into our wardrobes. And I know that I refuse to give up fun and colourful just because I’m not in my 20s. The collection does have some shoes that I’d wear in a heartbeat, like this wedges:


I like the logo in the black because it is a little less conspicuous (although, I am guilty of owning a pair of Coach flats in the brown logo – similar to that of the sneaker).

Now, on to the more Gossip Girl influenced stuff:


You see the Blair in that one? Actually, it’s more fitting of Hazel, the blonde among Blair’s minions. Now, I suggest approaching this sucker with caution. Enamel and “jewel” flowers on your head can come across as a bit too twee on the best of days. But I’m sure you can do it. And speaking of flowers:

poppynecklace poppynecklace2

Now those I enjoy. With the right dress (I’ll say a black one, because you don’t want your dress competing with your necklace) at the right event and you have some fun jewelry.  J.Lau went to some networking training session and they gave her the advice that you should try to have at least one interesting piece of jewelry to help with small talk. Note: You’re not supposed to ask someone if they think your jewelry is interesting. You can only hope that they’ll ask you. It’s a pretty safe topic for small talk. The other advice was to ask about what someone did on the weekend (and have a good story to tell about your own). Also in the jewelry part of the collection is this ring:


Lately, I have been a huge fan of the big, gaudy cocktail ring and this copper finish and “jewel” flower ring fits the bill nicely. The gaudier, the better (okay, there are limits to that). They’re fun to wear to parties. Wear it on the hand that you’ll hold your drink in, just to show off the ring. There is a definite flower theme in the jewelry. I’d only wear one of these flowers at a time. Moving along, let’s talk bags, because that’s what we all think of when someone mentions Coach:


Most of the bags are a little too cutesy, too trendy, but this patent tote is one that is just fun times. It comes in a bright magenta and a black, but the blue (with a yellow interior) is the one I like best. I only wish it came in the bright green that other bags in the collection come in or maybe a bright red (but no reds in the bag collection). I also like it because it is not obviously Coach. I have a couple with the logo on it, but I’m a little hesitant to carry them because I’m seeing so many of them these days. I don’t know if it’s because Coach has suddenly become huge in Halifax or there has been a rush on fakes. In either case, I’m hesitant to jump on a bandwagon and I’m usually not a fan of fakes (although, I did once buy a fake Kate Spade bag off the street in NYC).  And, if you aren’t up for dropping large chunks of cash (although they will give you a notebook as a free gift if you drop $200 or more), you can always check out some of the littler things, like this silk headband:


Much to the chagrin of my hairdresser, I have a pulling my hair back into headbands and pins and buckles, perhaps to excess (okay, totally to excess. But my fine, flat hair drives me crazy).  But their ponytail headband things are one of my favourite things ever. I have an orange one. And they’re pretty much one of Coach’s more affordable items (this one is $38, but you can get them for about $20 at outlets). This would look great with jeans and the crisp white shirt we all love so much.  You could totally work this headband on the job or out shopping on a Saturday. And it’s not a headband that will make you look like you’re trying to channel Gossip Girl (because not everyone wants to look/dress like Blair…although I am firmly in the camp of “Blair’s wardrobe is awesome”).

Okay, that’s your more fashiony post for today. I know, I went nuts with the Coach, but I promise it’s just because I enjoy it. If Coach wants to send me swag, I’ll take it (except no sneakers. If it’s the sneakers or nothing, I’m good with nothing), but I’m just sharing because I thought this stuff was fun. And sadly, we have no Ally to follow up my post. What would Ally do after such a post? Probably something like this:


You’re welcome.



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