Additional evacuation orders lifted including shopping plaza in Tantallon

The Halifax Regional Municipality is advising residents of the following updates and impacts to municipal services as a result of the ongoing fires.

Evacuation area update

The evacuation order has been rescinded for the following areas:

As soon as it’s safe to do so, Nova Scotia Power will reconnect power to the Stillwater Lake/Haliburton Hills and Tantallon Plaza customers. The power will be restored approximately two hours after re-entry.

These areas are only open to homeowners and business owners.

Residents for all areas must show police their identification with proof of address (e.g. driver’s licence). As there continue to be active fires in the surrounding areas, residents of the above areas must be prepared to evacuate within 30 minutes of being notified.

Evacuation registry

Residents and businesses whose properties are located in the area of significant impact on the evacuation map must immediately register with 311 via the online form (or by calling 1.800.835.6428), as staff are contacting residents whose homes have been destroyed. It is important that residents with homes in the area of significant impact contact 311 to provide their telephone numbers so municipal staff can complete personal calls.

Evacuation information and response

View the most recent map of the fire evacuation areas and state of local emergency zone that outlines the area of significant impact.

The status of the evacuation areas continues to be assessed and updates will be provided as soon as they are available.  

Residents are not allowed to return to their homes until they are advised that it is safe to do so by municipal authorities. Residents must remain clear of the evacuation area and refrain from filming and taking photos of the fire area, including flying personal drones.

Those who have evacuated are advised that if they do not have access to their medication, they can contact any pharmacy and request a renewal. For more information, please see the guidelines provided by the Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia.

View the most recent evacuation map of the fire evacuation areas and state of local emergency zone that outlines the area of significant impact.

Emergency preparedness

All residents in a state of local emergency zone should have a bag packed as they may have limited time to leave their homes if required to evacuate on short notice. Residents who are directed to evacuate are advised to bring their pets, important documents and medication with them, as well as supplies for a minimum of 72 hours.

Please visit: or follow @hfxgov on Twitter for all fire updates. 

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Municipal fires and impacts update – June 3, 1 pm