Admiral Insurance Drive Results with a Unique Approach to Employee Engagement

Leaders of Admiral Insurance believes that engaged employees create great customer experiences – and that translates to strong performance.

To bring that philosophy to life, Admiral continues to strengthen its commitment to take action on employee engagement, using employees’ feedback to determine what motivates and is important.

At the end of the day, Admiral believes their culture is the single most important contributor to their success.

It’s hard to argue as they continue to rack up the awards recently being recognized as the 18th Best Place to Work in the World. Not just Canada, or North America, but the World.

Recent results from Canada’s Great Place to Work survey results:

• 98% of staff feel that this is a friendly place to work
• 91% are proud to tell others that they work here
• 95% of staff feel there is a “family” or “team” feeling here.

To achieve this award, Admiral never stops evaluating what they are doing and thinking of new ways to enhance the lives of their employees.

John Hynes, a trainer with Admiral shares “Parties and annual events are just the tip of the iceberg; what makes us really different is our daily focus on every individual’s well-being. On- site massages and haircuts, facetime/coaching days, floor competitions with amazing prizes, Ministry of Fun, Top 10, Sport & Social weekly activities and competitions just to name a few. All of these make coming to work something to look forward to as you never know what you could walk home with that day! Even if you don’t win anything there is always the opportunity to have fun here”

Some of the programs making a difference at Admiral:

Team Away Days

All teams at Admiral have regular away days where they come together to have fun, build their relationships and get some valuable R&R. Some examples of team away days include; bowling, pool parties, tidal bore rafting, axe throwing, escape rooms, brewery tours, mini golf, picnics on McNab’s Island and more.

Elara Brown, Customer Loyalty Representative, can’t say enough about the diversity and value about of Team Away Days. “When it comes to team away days, I always love that we are able to make the decisions together and decide what we want to do as a team. We are a diverse bunch and it’s nice that we can always come up with the best activity for everyone. From bowling to board games or even just relaxing with food and drinks getting that chance to have fun together outside the office free of charge is always lots of fun and appreciated by everyone. “

Top 10

Spirited and competitive camaraderie is encouraged every day throughout the Admiral office. The most significant example is their ‘Top 10 committee’ which is a global company-wide initiative.

A large component of this initiative is the annual department versus department presentation on a shared topic. These presentations are theatrical and imaginative, with a ‘sky’s the limit’ approach. Departments have created entire story/movie sets from movies such as Shrek, Harry Potter and the Wizard of Oz to showcase what makes their department the very best in all the Admiral Group, worldwide.

There is a panel of judges and a determined winner – categorized by department size – revealed in the spring. Every year Admiral Halifax sends about a dozen employees to Admiral’s headquarters in Cardiff, Wales to attend the awards ceremony.

Siobhan Hovey, New Business Senior Care Representative, had this to share about Admiral’s Top 10. “Top 10 shows our employees that yes, this is your job- but Admiral is so much more than a job, it is a family of people from all walks of life, supporting and improving one another which then helps our company grow, and improve. Our motto here at Admiral is “Those who like what they do, do it better” and Admiral is all about proving that statement correct, each and every day, and Top 10 is a huge factor in that.”

Admiral’s mantra is “Those Who Like What They Do, Do it Better!”

The awards recently won by Admiral is a reflection of the values they represent. They are very interested in the growth and development of their employees. They promote respect for each other and uphold the highest levels of integrity. They are focused and encourage the culture of team bonding in addition to inspiring their employees to constantly raise the bar.

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