Admiral Strives to Deliver the Best Perks and Work Environment Possible

Happy Employees Equals Happy Customers!

Admiral Insurance recognizes that employees spend most of their time at work, so they strive to ensure workplace challenges staff may face are properly recognized. Work life balance has always been deeply embedded in Admiral’s culture and, consequently, they support the opportunity for staff to take advantage of several benefits and perks intended to promote overall health.

Employees Wellness is a Top Priority

Admiral present an innovative and robust offering of benefits that mirror those at the forefront of progressive workspaces.

“To attract and retain today’s ultra-connected, always on-the-go, life-is-busy employees – we focus on some key differentiators that Admiral has to offer,” said Senior People Services Executive Annie MacLeod.

Benefits unique in Nova Scotia

Last December, Admiral began a unique partnership with telemedicine service Dialogue, to provide progressive, premium and affordable healthcare to its 450+ staff.  The Montreal based company, helps Admiral employees receive timely healthcare through mobile or desktop video chat consultations with licensed medical professionals. It’s almost like having a walk-in clinic in your pocket.

“As is the case with a lot of Nova Scotians right now, many of our staff do not have a family physician. Dialogue has filled this gap for our employees and their families who are now able to manage their health proactively and preventatively,” said MacLeod.

Since partnering with Dialogue, Admiral employees have seen significant benefits from using the service.

“The Dialogue app has been one of the biggest benefits to my family. The ease and the thorough care you receive from the doctors and nurses has been amazing. I’ve used the app several times and each time have received outstanding results!” offered Autumn Bell, a Customer Care Representative with Admiral’s Customer Loyalty department.

New Benefits

Another industry-leading benefit Admiral introduced this summer is the Personal Spending Account, where employees can claim on a variety of purchases that can enrich their lives and are seldomly included under traditional benefits plans. Under the PSA, employees receive up to $500 per year to spend, as they choose, on a variety of expense categories, such as personal development, health and wellness, green living and family care. These categories capture a broad range of expenses – anything from travel to veterinary costs.

Tyler Schofield, a Customer Care Representative with Admiral New Business recently benefited from the program.

“Admiral just helped pay for vet fees to aid my dog’s recovery from an unfortunate stroke he recently had. With the PSA, it helped me not worry so much about the things that matter most. Family,” Schofield said.

Within its first month of inception, the Personal Spending Account has paid out over $11,000 on 77 employee claims.

In addition to the PSA, Admiral provides interest free loans to staff in support of major life events and personal milestones. The Life Event Loan program is designed to assist employees financially so they can celebrate important events like a wedding or birth of a child. Under the program, an employee can apply for an interest free loan of up to $2,000, every three calendar years.

Mental Health is Just as Important

Twenty-five members of Admiral’s leadership team recently completed the Workplace Mental Health Leadership certificate program offered through Queens University.

“It is important to ensure our leaders possess the knowledge and confidence to support all members of staff with maintaining mental wellness,” shared New Business Team Manager Kurt Grant.

Grant feels strongly the course will help him better support the frontline staff he manages.

Recognizing the signs that something is not right so we can offer options to the agent before an issue escalates,” was one of his biggest takeaways.

Quarterly, employees can also have confidential conversations with an in-house counsellor, to get one-on-one assistance for any mental-health difficulties they may be experiencing. This service is also aimed at maintaining work/life balance as employees receive professional counselling services during the workday, eliminating the need for an appointment after-hours.

And It Doesn’t End There

The well-being of all staff is a continued top priority for Admiral: each employee has access to confidential 24/7 support through Compsych’s Employee Assistance Program.  There is also a Registered Massage Therapist on-site three days a week to provide massages during the workday.

Time away from the workplace is also essential for physical and mental well-being and for this reason each Admiral employee receives 20 vacation days, in their very first year with the company.

“When our founders started Admiral, they were as intentional about the company culture they wanted to create as they were about the products they wanted to provide.” MacLeod concludes.

It goes without saying, when companies are very intentional and committed to creating a worker-friendly culture, it has a direct impact on engagement, motivation and business results.

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