Every now and then a designer comes along and blows everyone else out of the water. A designer that gets you in the feels. A designer that makes the hair on your arms and the back of your neck stand up and brings every style bloggerin the room to her feet upon its completion. A designer who ignites a fire in your heart for all things creative, fashion, and design. A designer who brings you to a place you didn’t think you could even go.

Images c/o Brent McCombs/ Alter Ego

If you’re considering doing a show at Atlantic Fashion Week next year might I strongly suggest you mimic the perfection that was Antony El Cid‘s show last Saturday night.

So often we have an all inclusive mentality when it comes to designers who show at fashion week, and while this is great exposure for designers this isn’t necessarily the most entertaining.
Antony hit every nail right on the head and should seriously be held up as a standard for shows and presentations to come.

Up and coming designers here’s where you go grab a pen and paper and start to take notes because this my creative friends is how you up your game.
And it starts with a lesson from Anthony El Cid. Here’s what he’s taught us about how to put on an effing rock star fashion show.

Great music. You should probably pick your music with about the same scrutiny that you choose your fabric. Setting the tone is paramount to your collection and really can hinder your collection if not chosen correctly. Not only did the music give me all the feels, but it made me look at the clothes in that same intense tone (check). I was invested in the collection and truly madly deeply invested.

Relevant and creative designs. Drawing on some major trends that are coming down the pipe Anthony El Cid hit numerous trends from 3D florals to Ruffles and …. I felt like I was back at WMCFW and very clearly trend reporting again.

Beautiful use of a color scheme as well as cohesiveness. This collection was clearly well thought out from start to finish and from head to toe. Every piece had its place in the collection and there wasn’t a single piece that didn’t fit together with the others. Like a perfect puzzle this collection was complete.

Atlantic fashion designers take notes because this my dear friends is how you do fashion week and rein supreme in entertainment.

Someone get this guy an application form for the Mercedes Benz Start Up because Anthony El Cid you could take top prize in a heart beat. Well done sir. 

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Images c/o Brent McCombs/ Alter Ego 

Weekend Wrap-up: November 28-29, 2015