Alana Yorke Stops By

Photo by Sabrina Thurlow
Photo by Sabrina Thurlow

Angela Granchelli sits down with singer/songwriter Alana Yorke to talk about her latest projects.


In one moment upbeat and energetic, the next complex and introspective, Alana Yorke’s music is pleasing, original and captivating. Alana and her band combine rich dynamics with elements of folk, pop, and jazz to create textured, bold new sounds not quite like anything you’ve ever heard. Having written and played since the age of five, Alana’s work has varied from ‘instrumental’ to ‘folk’ to ‘indie pop’ through time, and she plays and writes for several instruments, including piano, guitar, and bagpipes. Her style is eclectic and continuously evolving, resulting in music that is fresh, creative, and sincere. Most recently, Alana is performing with her exciting new band in Halifax, and is planning a new recording project!

Alana is also performing next Saturday – more info here:


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