All Apologies

L-A: Hey folks! All apologies from the management at FPQT as we’re absentee bloggers today. I’m still sick, but I’m also in St. John’s on a mini-vacation and didn’t have much access to the computer as I was focused on visiting with friends. And getting my ears to pop (holy mother of god! pressure in your ears on the plane hurts!). As for Ally, she has a giant work thing tomorrow, so she’s out of commission until at least mid-week.

Until I get some time to post (I have to hand this borrowed laptop back to its owner), here’s some graffiti in the most easterly point of North America.

We really do love you. So we win.


Have I ever mentioned how I enjoy clever and/or cute graffiti? Because I do. It’s one of the things I love about Agricola St in Halifax. Building owners probably hate it, but it often makes me smile.

Anyway, we’ll be back by Wednesday. Promise!


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