All hands on deck for spring clean-up

Tuesday, April 21, 2015 (Halifax, NS) – The Halifax Regional Municipality has put its spring cleaning operations into high gear with resources assigned to sweeping streets and sidewalks, park and public space maintenance, as well as garbage removal from parks, trails and litter bins.

A more vigorous, lengthier clean-up initiative will be required to address the higher than normal amount of sand and debris on streets and sidewalks.  Resources have been strategically reallocated, and augmented, to focus on clean-up efforts and residents can expect to see significant progress over the coming weeks. The municipal inventory of eight vacuum street sweepers and two tandem broom trucks is being supplemented by six additional vacuum street sweepers, operated by contractors.

The municipality’s Road Operations and Construction team delivers a substantial street cleaning program to wash away residual sand and debris. From Monday to Friday, 18-hour shifts are scheduled along Peninsula Halifax routes. Other streets within the urban core area are routinely cleaned during day-time hours no less than three times per year.

Clearing bike lanes remains a priority and it is expected that all the lanes will be addressed in the next few days.  As a preventative measure, the program also helps decrease the amount of debris and sediment entering the storm drain system. Where snow banks are still blocking the curb, crews will monitor the area and return when the area is clear.

Parking restrictions to facilitate street cleaning operations on Peninsula Halifax will go into effect on Monday, May 4. Residents are advised to find off-street parking on the days their neighbourhood is being serviced; please refer to on-street signage to determine when parking restrictions are in effect. Vehicles may be ticketed if they impede street cleaning operations.

For more information on the municipality’s street cleaning program, visit

Municipal crews are also focusing efforts on litter and garbage maintenance of pole-mounted cans and bins located in public parks, playgrounds, open spaces, and trails. Although litter maintenance takes place year-round in some areas, resources are prioritized for snow and ice removal during the winter months. If residents see overflowing garbage cans or litter in public parks or open spaces, please report to 311 or online at

Neighbourhood spring clean-up

Where possible, it would be appreciated if residents could assist in the clean-up effort by picking up litter and debris in and around their property. As the remaining snow and ice melts, garbage and other debris is being uncovered. Lend a hand to a neighbour in need or organize a street clean-up. 

Residents are reminded that litter or garbage that has accumulated on their property is their responsibility to manage, and should be properly sorted and prepared for curbside solid waste collection on their regular collection day. 

The municipality provides year-round collection of one large bulky item, such as a piece of furniture, every garbage collection day. The Otter Lake Waste Processing & Disposal Facility also accepts excess bags of garbage from residents, for a fee.

For more information on solid waste collection and limits, please visit

The municipality appreciates residents’ patience and understanding as we work together over the next several weeks to clean-up from a difficult winter season.

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