All Nova Scotia Health Authority properties are smoke-free environments

With recreational cannabis now legal in our country, Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) reminds everyone that all NSHA sites and services are smoke-free environments.

Smoking or vaping, whether it be cannabis, tobacco or other products, is not permitted. Anyone who chooses to smoke must also be aware of municipal by-laws that restrict where smoking can occur in public places.

Everyone is also reminded that our buildings are scent-free zones. Some people experience serious allergic reactions to scents including those from tobacco, cannabis and scented personal hygiene products. For that reason, patients, families and visitors are asked to refrain from using scented products of any kind before coming to a health care facility.

NSHA has a process in place to allow anyone who is authorized to use cannabis for medical purposes to continue that practice while a patient. As a patient, they must hold and maintain the necessary documentation from Health Canada and have proof any cannabis they bring into hospital was obtained from an authorized, licensed producer and is solely for medical purposes. Inpatients should work with their health care team to ensure the security and proper use of cannabis for medical purposes. Cannabis for non-medical purposes should not be brought into NSHA facilities.

As a health care organization, Nova Scotia Health Authority recognizes there are known health risks associated with non-medical cannabis consumption and exposure, particularly for those under the age of 25. Accordingly, we strongly encourage all those considering the use of recreational cannabis to be mindful of the potential side effects.

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Source : Media Release

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