“All the best of the season, and peace to all”

“All the best of the season, and peace to all” “Christmas has always been a special time of year for me. Last year around this time however I found myself thinking about it even more, and what I wanted the holidays to be about now that I have children of my own. One word would not let go of me. PEACE. I was grateful to have my family together for the holidays, and wanted to send out a wish of PEACE for each of us.”

Linda Brooks grew up on a family farm in New Brunswick and has taken anything but a straight path to the release of her second adult contemporary cd.

The first recording, Under A Painted Moon, was a few years back, before the glorious detour of motherhood, but the place she now stands as a writer and performer is one of quiet confidence and a lyrical depth born of life experience and perseverance.

The title of this release, The Spaces In Between, was aptly chosen to convey the truth we all eventually discover, that the journey, and not the destination is the thing. She uses her music as a means of sharing her own lessons thus far, in the optimistic belief that we are connected by more than our differences.

Brooks doesn’t hesitate to reveal herself to her audience as evidenced by the decision to include background notes on each of the songs, giving the listener an even deeper glimpse inside.

Linda now lives in the Bedford area.

She has had a busy and inspiring few months travelling to Nashville to record a new cd (releasing in early 2012) and a Christmas single. In mid-October she headed to California to shoot a video.

Says Linda, “this is my official offering for the holidays, and beyond. All the best of the season, and peace to all.”

For more information on Linda Brooks visit lindabrooksmusic.com.

The song is available for download and purchase on iTunes.

The video can also be viewed on YouTube.

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